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  1. Who would you slap from Pokemon? Yes, a slap on the face.

    Hi! People tell me, who would you slap from Pokemon if you had the chance? If you were given on free slap to spend freely in any pokemon character who would you slap? Seriosly, think about any ilussions you had towards a specific Pokemon movie or episode that were trashed by the writers who seeked for either cheap entreteinment; or once again idealizing one character in particular by, let's say, "pushing" a random character on screen that you find so useless you would simply like to "slap-off." ...

    Updated 9th December 2013 at 06:23 PM by Lis

    Let me ask you something, stranger!
  2. Turning twenty!

    Ten minutes ago it went midnight where I live so that means that it's the tenth of December here, which is my birthday Becoming twenty, which is a milestone I guess. Not doing much on the day itself, except getting presents Very cool is that my school has its Christmas party on the eleventh, so that kinda feels like a birthday party! And Saturday I will go to a restaurant with family, which is always nice.

    So weird, feels like yesterday I was 12, 13, etc
  3. So much regret...

    I joined Bulbapedia several years before I set foot at Bulbagarden. No joke, I joined exactly five years ago. Crazy? Yeah, I think so.

    I don't edit the place a lot, but I just wanted you guys to know how painful it is to tell everyone that I have really been with Bulba for longer than it looks. ^_^;

    Hahaha. How I can even call myself a member is beyond me.
  4. Pokémemes (9-12-13)

    So, I cut my fingertip off.


    I present my first Pokémeme compilation of Gen VI! And so, it will have lots of Gen VI.

  5. A Year

    A year ago, @Kaori; and I started going out :) I'm happy that we're still together after all this time. She's great! I love her quite a lot, and I hope this is just one of many years together.

    So, celebration! Yay!