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  1. Pokemon X and Y Glitch?

    Soooo something odd just happened to me in my Y version... there's really no way for me to prove this, but while I was in the Battle Chateau near Camphrier Town, I decided to battle Baroness Francine. She sent out a Flabebe, except it emerged with Floette's cry, then fainted with Floette's cry as well. It was pretty odd and I've never heard of this occurring before...Has anyone else had that happen to them? o.o

    EDIT: And yes, before anyone asks, I am 100% positive it was Floette's ...
  2. Music to Drink Coffee to: Dinosaur Jr

    Hello, all. Hope you guys are enjoying your day so far. Mine is pretty boring, so far. But later tonight i'm going on a date. I'm gonna be seeing the new Thor movie. I've heard good things, so it should be a fun time. But enough about me, let's get on with the music. Today I'll be talking about Dinosaur Jr! Here is a picture of them:


    Dinosaur Jr are a Nosie Rock/Indie Rock/Alternative Rock band ...
  3. Today it begins+ summurise of comparing-thoughts

    Today i began with a re-watch of Pokemon from the very first series- And i have to say that after 2 chapters i'm dying out of anxiousty. Oh gosh of goshes! After only 40 minutes of awakenning a 5 years old's memories, i am really atonished by how thrilling the expierence was ()

    + Ash's mom, so fullhearted and classical. Not only she picks up the phone in a thirll when her baby-boy calls home from Green town (pardon me if i make a mistake with towns and certain terms, i didn't ...
  4. Mega Evolution Candidates (Part 5) -- Fake List Picks

    Salutations, everybody! Have you seen this picture? If not, here's a brief history of that picture. When that picture was spread among the fansites, it was thought that there would be a lot of Mega Evolutions because of what was shown. Unfortunately, it was a fake when more about the games were revealed, such as the lack of Unova Mega Evolutions.

    When I rediscovered this poster, I took it upon myself to look at some of these potential candidates and give them some theoritical Mega ...
  5. Music to Drink Coffee to: Bathory

    Hey guys! Hope you guys have been enjoying your day so far. Mine has been...tiring, to say the least. But at any rate, let's talk about some music, shall we? This week's second band: Bathory! Here is an pic of the band:

    Bathory was an extremely influential Black Metal/Viking Metal/Thrash Metal band hailing from vällingby, Stockholm, Sweden that formed in 1983 and broke up in 2004. In their heyday, the played very catchy, ...