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  1. foswa

    People that sell stuff online need to be more careful, or not try to rip people off. I ordered Zelda: Wind Waker the other day, and I got my shipment today. It was the right case, but inside was the GC version of Twilight Princess. I already have the Wii version, so that really irritated me. I filed a complaint about it on Amazon, and I hope I can get either a full refund or the correct game. If I'm allowed to keep this Twilight Princess disc, I could make like a $30 or $40 profit, so hopefully ...
  2. Replaying Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time.....with a twist!

    I really love this game, but I never had the motivation to replay it. So what better encouragement then to hack in my two favorite Pokemon, Sharpedo and Sableye, as the main characters? Using an Action Replay, I made Sableye the hero and Sharpedo the partner. I named them Team Darkstrike, due to them both being Dark-types.

    This should be very fun. :D

    Haz evidence:

  3. I have at least five catchphrases/things I say a lot

    Let's see how many you can name. Go!
  4. Now, Exor will analyze things

    For example:

    Exor, what do you think of potatoes?
    Hmm, potatoes....
    Potatoes are vegetables
    Vegetables are green
    Green equals grass
    You can walk on grass like you can walk on mats
    Mats get dirty, pigs get dirty
    Pigs are fat
    Fat equals fast food
    Fast food equals drive throughs
    Drive throughs mean cars
    Cars mean pollution
    Pollution is bad for the earth, just like terrorists

    So ...
  5. Finished Xenoblade recently

    It's a really good game, it for sure makes it into my favorite list. At first I didn't really like it, it was a little confusing and boring. But it grew on me really quickly, and I kinda got addicted to playing. It's a fairly easy game, aside from some of the bosses, which I sometimes had a lot of trouble with.

    My favorite character is hands down Riki. I mean, he's just so adorable and funny. Admittedly when he was introduced, I was worried he would be a weak joke character, but ...
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