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Randomness and Irreverence

  1. Looking for input

    I've been wanting to start a re-occurring op-ed-esque set of blog entries for a while. I love reviewing movies, but those come sporadically; whenever I can get to the cinema, and even then I don't always write.

    I've been looking to do something where I have a deadline, be it every week, every month, etc. to help hone my less-than-decent writing skills. I'm just stuck as to what to write about.

    So, I'm looking for input from anyone; based on my past reviews, commentaries, ...
  2. HeartGold and SoulSilver or: How I Learned To Stop the Nerdgasms and Love What I Have

    I'd like to go into a somewhat expansive overview of my opinions on the early ramifications of the introduction of Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver. While I could do this in one of the many threads on the subject, I've decided to post it upon my blog, if only to allow people to view my longer opinion if they please, rather than putting it where it would be impossible to simply ignore. Here you will read my over-analysis and my futile attempts to be satirically biting. Read at your own risk, as I ...
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