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  1. Just Wondering...

    I'm trying to find where I can change the Bulba Skin at. This BananaGarden one is nice, but it really hurts my eyes. Plus, I like the Return skin more.

    It might be because of April Fool's Day, but that has come and gone.

    So I would like to know, since the Skin-changer isn't at the bottom of the page anymore.

  2. So this Summer.

    I'm going to a place far away from my home in Wisconsin. It has relatively the same climate though as here, but I do hear it has more smog, and it's much more humid in the Summer.

    That place is Japan.

    Yes, I am going to Japan this Summer for a week. I plan to stay in Akihabara (In Tokyo) and chill out around there, but I am going to branch out and go to the Pokemon Center, Sanrio Puroland, Wonfest, Otome Road, Tokyo Tower, and a Butler Cafe (hopefully).
  3. Poke-Purchase time!

    Got a package from my Proxy from Japan today. In that package was something Pokemon-related. That "something" was a Pokemon Passport Case, issued in 2000 from ANA (All Nippon Airways; the airlines that have the Pokemon airplanes). I had never seen this anywhere before, so I was stoked to have found it existed, and I was super excited that I bought it. Here's what it looks like (Sorry for the shit images):

    I'm loving it so ...
  4. Aaaaah f*** it.

    (I always want to censor out really bad swear words out of my Blog Titles, so I don't offend people or scare away younglings. So there ya go.)

    So I originally was only going to spend 6,000 Yen (Roughly $60.) on my Proxy to get good little anime things. The other day though, I happily looked up Pokemon, and BAM. Plush for 100 Yen (Roughly $1, y'know.). I'm on the verge on getting into another Pokemon merchandise kick; I feel it coming onto me. So on prepping this, I've decided to buy ...

    Oh jeez.

    Second-in-line guy for Prom can't go because he'll be on vacation.

    Guy friends said they already can't go.

    Shit guys.

    I might not go to Prom.

    I really don't know what to do with myself right now...oh my god...
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