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  1. Exciting day.

    SO MY NEW MAN ARRIVED TODAY. I'll post a blog on that chunk of sexy tommorow. He's kinda small, but soft -w-

    The real big news for today: My sister broke her foot.

    So me and her were gonna go up the stairs and play some video games or something. Since the Olympics are on, I decided to run up the stairs as fast as I could, and see if she could go any faster. So I ran up, and she's about to run. I then say "GO!", but she starts off badly, so she walks down ...
  2. A new Epoch! And Classes.

    Because "Era" is overused in that sense. ANYHOO.

    High School Swim starts today. We got a new coach, so everything is different: No Freshman capture, no nomlicious breakfast, no morning practices thus far...it's nice, but I miss Freshman capture. Some ass on my team told a teacher that it was Hazing (Which everyone else disagreed with), and so the teacher got pissed and told the athletic director and stuff happened. It's gonna be weird: Me and the team met our new coach for ...
  3. I'm about to shoot my foot.


    I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING: Logging out and back in, different computers, disbanding, rejoining, and disbanding groups, going to "Settings" and viewing the "Group Invitation". Problem? IT'S A BLANK.


    So basically I'm invited to a non-existent group, and I can't join it or ignore this stupid notification. So, y'know, I really can't do anything anymore about it. I want it ...
  4. Bawww.

    It looks like I have bought another man. That means that there's gonna be six anime men sleeping with me.

    Actually, I don't know if this man is going to fit. He might have to go in my "Study" room for now. But yeah...anime men are pretty awesome.

    But like Masato, he's gonna have his own little introduction. Make way for more men time :D

    In other news, it's been roughly a week, and I still have that Group Invitation Notification. I've tried ...
  5. Bandwagons are present.

    So yeah, I'm doing this one also.

    Name: Mal
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: I like men.
    Age: 16
    Race: Polish?
    Personality: Quirky with a dash of insanity.
    History: Pokemon.
    Dominant Hand: Right
    Dominant Eye: Right
    Pirates or Ninjas?: Ninjas all the way.
    Xbox or Playstation?: Playstation.
    LotR or Star Trek?: LORD OF THE RINGS DAMMIT.
    Preferred Salad Dressing: Caesar.
    Republican or Democrat?: Conservative ...
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