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Random things

Things that are random and don't fit into another category go here.

  1. The BMGf Shipping awards!

    by , 24th August 2012 at 04:18 PM (That one Dutch guy's blog)
    Yes yes, it is time for the BMGf Shipping awards! Actually being the first one of its kind, this awards ceremony will allow you to vote! Vote for what you ask? Why, your favourite bulbagarden shippings of course! What is the most popular ship throughout bulbagarden? If you help out by voting we will know soon!

    You are allowed to place votes on three ships, none of which can feature more than two people per ship.You may use this list for convenience, but the ship you vote for doesn't ...
    Random things , BMGf , Fun & games
  2. What item in the world is worth $1,055,531,162,664,960.00?

    by , 31st July 2012 at 07:05 PM (That one Dutch guy's blog)
    Is it a famous painting you ask? A jewel? The life of the queen of England? The city of Paris? Everything found in Vatican City and Rome combined?

    Well I don't actually know what the last three are worth, but the answer is still no. It are these ANSR Sole Replacement Polishing Plates! Of course, don't be surprised if the price has gone up some more since I posted this blog, this stuff is super valuable.

  3. The drawing you have all waited for!

    by , 21st July 2012 at 07:54 PM (That one Dutch guy's blog)
    Before you open the spoiler, don't expect too much, it's only drawn in paint and I'm not that great of a drawer. Lowered your expectations? Ok good, then you may proceed:

    Personally I'm glad to see it turned out as the big happy drawing full of characters I hoped it would be. :3 So before you click the next spoiler, how about you check to see if you can recognise some people ...
    Random things , BMGf , Fun & games
  4. If you comment on this blog I will draw you in paint

    by , 18th July 2012 at 06:30 PM (That one Dutch guy's blog)
    Along with everyone else who comments. It will be one big happy drawing full of characters! (at least I hope so) Your drawing will be based on your username, avatar, iconic past avatar or whatever. Then after like 24 hours have past I will post the drawing and you can play a nice guessing game of who is who and mock my MS Paint skills :3
    Random things , BMGf , Fun & games
  5. My brother discovered a glitch using a 3DS

    by , 29th June 2012 at 06:18 PM (That one Dutch guy's blog)
    It requires a 3DS and a DS Lite. So here's what you do: you turn on the 3DS, and go to something on which music is heard (like mii plaza or some game menu). Turn the volume on and close the 3DS, turning it into sleep mode. Now take the DS Lite, and put it down, making it face away from you (so that the game card slot faces you). Now take the 3DS and put it on top of it facing you, and make sure it stands exactly right on the ds lite. This may take a little shoving untill you get it right. And tadaa, ...
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