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  1. I think I'm in love....

    For those of you who remember the excitement related to Pokémon Brown Version being announced, and then disappointment at its cancellation, here's a page chock-full of stuff you can wish you could buy to remind you of how much fun it would have been!
    Who doesn't like Stunfisk? <3

    I'm not sure why, but I just really really like what's on that page.
  2. Memory Link's missed opportunities

    In case you don't know what memory link is, in B2W2 it allows you to link to BW which will send over data like your name to be used in various places, it unlocks flashbacks from npc's, transfers over Cheren and Bianca's old teams, gives you your old prop case and copies your room and allows you to catch some of N's old pokémon.

    Personally I really like memory link, but think they could've improved upon it more. Most importantly, they could've actually made the BW protagonist appear. ...
  3. PETA is at it again

    Because why stop at accusing Mario for abusing turtles and tanookis when Nintendo has other popular franchises that obviously harm animals? Yup, they moved on to pokémon.

    It's a flash game in which pokémon are tired of being abused and fight humans. Yup. Pikachu is even holding up a sign saying "I support team plasma" at the start. The game is kinda NSFW because of the gorey abused pokémon.

    The makers of this flash game seem pretty informed about pokémon ...

    Updated 8th October 2012 at 02:01 PM by Mijzelffan

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    Ace Attorney 5 Confirmed To Be Hitting The Courtroom on 3DS - 3DS News @ Nintendo Life
    Ace Attorney 5 Confirmed For Nintendo 3DS | My Nintendo News
    Ace Attorney 5 confirmed for 3DS | GoNintendo - What are YOU waiting for?

    This is so awesome. Words can not express the awesomeness :DDDD

    I'm getting pumped now.

    Updated 5th September 2012 at 06:21 AM by Mijzelffan

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  5. Gen VI on 3DS: Truly hidden pokémon

    This thought crossed my mind multiple times, so I figured why not blog it. As you might know, the 3DS is so far unhackable, and if you check sites like gbatemp you'll see that most of the users don't expect it to be cracked any time soon. This can be demonstrated in the fact that when Mario Tennis Open had a selection of hidden characters to be unlocked through QR code, no one managed to find out all the hidden characters untill the QR codes were actually released. Kid Icarus: Uprising also has ...
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