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  1. For some reason my introduction threads always get the least amount of posts

    I have no idea why. I never made an introduction thread on bulba untill I was already well-known but on other forums whenever I make an introduction thread it will have less posts welcoming me than most other threads on the same page. Why is this I wonder. Am I not quirky enough? Do I need emoticons in my title? Are memes like "a wild x appeared" what's needed? Is it my gender? Does my username scare people off? Am I that repulsive even people who never met me notice it and stay away from ...
  2. Even more animal crossing adventures

    What hijinks did I get into since last time? Let's find out!

    I found Katie! Nope she's not lost anymore, she's just traveling. So I brought her to @Oswin;'s Oakville.

    Aww, thank you Katie! Hope you'll like Oakville! (she won't, it sucks compared to Jasperon :3).

    I already posted ...
  3. I too got animal crossing new leaf

    On launch date of course. So yeah, here are some pictures of my adventures so far!

    Ah, the very first picture I took. Missed all the opening stuff because I forgot about the camera feature. Ah well. For those wondering why I am wearing a cap all the time, it's because I hate my current hair. Can't wait till the shampoodle opens.

    I hate mosquitos in both real life and ...
  4. I am Junichi Masuda, ask me anything.

    With all these XY information leak trolls revealing themselves lately, namely mr. XY and that mage guy, I thought it would only be appropriate that the master information leak troll reveal himself as well. So yes, I am actually Junichi Masuda, master troll. Ask me anything.

    Since I know you'll all want some proof, this should be sufficient:

    Answers to some common questions:

    There will indeed be a new type, and it ...
  5. If I could describe Fire Emblem Awakening in one word

    It would be Matchmaking. Man I'm doing a lot of family planning here. And then you're not even done, then you have to pick who you're gonna take into the battlefield with you based on who you want to support and make sure to pair them up or let them fight each other. It's quite a choir I tell you. But I guess that's what I get for wanting all children characters as soon as possible. At least I've figured out most pairings right now, just need to figure out who to pair my avatar with (after ruling ...
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