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H-con's army stories. Along with all other entries he writes here.

  1. Snow? Now?


    It's October, not frickin January... Snow is not needed, even though it's not really that much. It's arguably better than rain though.

    Still, things could definitely be worse. Bought some books today, so I have something to entertain me during the week when I'm not allowed to use my computer. Hopefully we get the next weekend off as well. Now that would be excellent.

    Though the best thing about the ...
    Not Mijzelffan , H-con
  2. My little piece of hell

    Have you ever felt how it feels like when you have to get up at 6, just to make your bed, brush your teeth, shave, eat and then wash, then get said wash, shave and outfit inspected every morning?

    Have you ever felt how it feels like when you have to skip lunch to wash your room instead of eating, because you didn't do it well enough the first time? And dinner?

    Have you ever felt how it feels like when you have 20 seconds to get ~40 people in perfect formation from a ...
    Not Mijzelffan , H-con
  3. Saturdays suck

    So with everyone and their grandmother out drinking, I'm back in the camp relaxing when I get a call. Obviously, one of the girls "wants me". Now, that wouldn't be too bad if I'd just known if it was actually true or it was just a lame attempt at trolling me. No way to be sure really, at least untill tomorrow. Guessing the latter though, with my luck

    That, and waking up at midnight with two fellow recruits drunk trying to rearrange my bedsheet suck. Mostly because I was ...

    Updated 11th September 2010 at 04:17 PM by Mijzelffan

    Not Mijzelffan , H-con
  4. A month in uniform

    So, Mijzelffa invited me too his blog. Waste of time though, due to the fact that I don't really have the time to blog at all.

    At any rate, we finally got to actually use our weapons (HK-416) this week. Beats just carrying them around at least, though cleaning them in the evenings is extremely dull. We have yet to test what we dub "family-mode", that means full automatic fire, though I reckon it's pretty awesome.

    Even with the pretty bad pay, long days (last ...

    Updated 11th September 2010 at 04:09 PM by Mijzelffan

    Not Mijzelffan , H-con
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