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H-con's army stories. Along with all other entries he writes here.

  1. On this day...

    by , 20th January 2011 at 12:16 PM (That one Dutch guy's blog)
    Today, I've been in the army for 6 months, and I'm formally done with half of my service.

    Without a doubt the worst six months in my life.

    And it's still 6 months left...
    Not Mijzelffan , H-con
  2. The army in a nutshell

    by , 2nd December 2010 at 12:38 PM (That one Dutch guy's blog)
    Just exactly how do you lose a laser that's mounted to your gun that's worth at least 5000 $ in the snow?

    However, instead of paying for it, we're sending out a search party for it. It's arguably cheaper than paying for a new one (considering what we earn daily...). Three hours on a bus to look for something that's slightly smaller than an iPhone (though a bit wider), buried in the snow. In temperatures dipping below -20 degrees. And this is the second time someone is looking for ...
  3. I've been thinking

    by , 26th November 2010 at 01:51 PM (That one Dutch guy's blog)
    Taking a crap in a hole in the ground when it's -10 degrees outside really makes you appreciate life a little more.

    Pretty much concludes my last 10 days...
    Not Mijzelffan , H-con
  4. Oh, happy day!

    by , 15th November 2010 at 12:41 PM (That one Dutch guy's blog)
    Last Wednesday, we got loaded up on a bus, and dropped out in a forest at 01:00 at night. We walked for quite a few hours that day. No food and no sleep with one heavy backpack is not really all that fun, especially when you're walking with no idea of where you're going, how far you've walked, how far it is till you're done or whether you're just going to walk that circle of about 15-20 km you just walked again, and all you see is trees, snow, mountains and occasionally a lake. It's not a nice feeling. ...
  5. Complaint of the day

    by , 31st October 2010 at 01:35 PM (That one Dutch guy's blog)
    Now, getting up at 6 is not really fun at all. Sure, it's not that early, but it's the thing I hate the most every day.

    However, things just got a lot worse. Now, instead of getting up at 6 every day, we only do that two days a week. The other days, we get up at 04:30. To start the day by walking 4 km up a fucking hill (then obviously down again). Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Every week, probably till June next year.

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