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Random rants n' stuff

Name says it all.

  1. GS Remakes? They exist!

    For years, since the days of FRLG, GS remakes have been speculated on by the fans. HeartGold and SoulSilver? Well:
    I hereby ACCEPT That HGSS are GS remakes, and they will be insta-win.
    That is all.
  2. Percy Jackson and the Awesome Party

    So on Tuesday I went to the release party of the final Percy Jackson book, The Last Olympian. For those of you who don't know what the Percy Jackson series is, from Wikipedia:

    Percy Jackson & The Olympians is a series of adventure and fantasy books by Rick Riordan. Set in the contemporary United States, the series is based prominently on Greek mythology, although some creative license is taken. The series currently consists of 5 books, as well as spin-off titles called the The ...
  3. Teh Suxorz

    Well, a couple of days ado, my sister's guinea pig died. He just keeled over after a bath and kicked the bucket. That sucks 'cause he was a huge sweetie. We currently have his cremated ashes in an urn. So yeah, no real point to this post, just venting.

    Till next time,
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