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From my own to independent work to professional. From Classic to Pop to Metal.

  1. Don't Jump On

    So while everyone is on the two bandwagons and jumping from one to the other and back, I will pass on that opportunity.

    Instead, I will talk about something unrelated to the world, and completely unneeded, unproductive, and boring.

    Beyoncé released her new single, which is quite good. Also, Selena Gomez has some good songs!

    Oh and, I like "Can't Be Tame" by Miley Cyrus.

    *Waves goodbye at bandwagons* *Drinks Vimto* *Plays music ...
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  2. Oh Land

    You might recognise Sun Of A Gun as my character's theme song for the first five chapters of my Pearl Nuzlocke Challenge.

    Oh Land is an artist from Denmark, and that name was inspired by her own name, which is Nanna Øland Fabricius.

    She released her debut album (picture above) a few days ago. And since I was obsessed with Sun Of A Gun, I pre-ordered it through Amazon, and it came in a few ...

    Updated 25th March 2011 at 11:30 AM by Kyuuketsuki

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  3. Kerli

    She's a singer that I recently discovered. I bought her album not so long ago, and it's been on replay ever since.

    And this is her:

    Now, onto her album.

    It's pop/rock/alternative ...
  4. The Only Arabian Singer I Listen To

    People find it weird that I don't like Arabian music (all genres) even though I am from the Middle East. They also find it weird that I only listen to one Arabian Artist.

    Diana Haddad was the first singer I actually liked, and she stuck with her even after I took a liking to Metal music, so she's basically the only... I've said it too many times, but you get the point, the first Arabian Artist.

    This is Diana Haddad:
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