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From my own to independent work to professional. From Classic to Pop to Metal.

  1. What The Water Gave Me

    I couldn't describe how excited I was for Lacuna Coil's new album, and now I can't describe how this song makes me feel.
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  2. Fanboy Mode - Activated!

    Do you know who these people are? They are a band called Lacuna Coil, one of my favourite bands. They announced their new album a while back, but just today I discovered this.

    So I decided to wait for their single to come out, when I noticed this:

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  3. Oh Land Obsession

    And I only dream of you.

    I'm listening to Oh Land's actual debut album, Fauna.

    And it's not available anywhere wit a reasonable price but iTunes, and I don't like digital downloads, because I like having a collection of stuff.

    However, I eventually decided to download it for £9, because £40 was just a bit too much...

    That's all.
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  4. Celtic Women

    Seriously the best thing to happen to my life since Loreena McKennitt!

    I have become obsessed with them. The music, the voices, it's just stunning!

    Celtic Woman - At the Ceili
    Celtic Woman - You Raise Me Up

    Loreena McKennitt - The Mummers' Dance
    Loreena McKennitt - Dante's Prayer ...
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