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About Me

The amazing awesomeness that is me.

  1. Chespin

    After a quick, but very conflicted, thinking session with myself, I've decided that I will pick Chespin to be my starter. I also want Fennekin to be Fire/Fighting upon evolving, because I love seeing people writhe with rage.

    This is the second Generation in which I liked all the starters, the first being III. They all look good! And Chespin looks so awesome! I want it. I want it now.
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  2. I Am Mobile

    I have a slight, probably correct feeling, that this blog will be very ambiguous, mostly because I only have this sentence to start with:

    Today should finally make me free.

    Moving on, I started reading Harry Potter about a month or so ago, and I am halfway through the fourth book. I've also been planning to translate this song, but then I realised that it would be exceedingly cheesy, as opposed to the ones I already did.

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  3. 4 Days

    In 4 days, I'll be back in Bahrain. So naturally, I've been listening to national songs, and making frequent visits to Google Maps. Sometimes even combining the two!

    Above is one of many national songs. If you don't speak Arabic, or can't understand the Khaliji or the Bahraini accent/dialect, then it will sound like a happy-go-lucky song to you, which it is.
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  4. Google Maps Street View Guy

    I doubt anyone else does this, but I sometimes go to my hometown and drop the Yellow Street View Guy anywhere on the map, and see what I get.

    Well, I just got the graveyard.

    And now I'm depressed.
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  5. My Name

    Yusuf Alaseeri.

    My first name, Yusuf, is the Arabic version of Joseph, which means 'The lord increases' or 'God increases'. I was named after my grandfather.

    My family name, Alaseeri, comes from the Arabic word 'Asir', which means 'Difficulties' or 'Hardships in life'. The family name comes from Asir Mountains, where my ancestors came from.

    That means that my name is essentially 'God increases the difficulties in life'.

    And that is why ...
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