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About Me

The amazing awesomeness that is me.

  1. How Pidgeotto Defeated Onix

    When I was a kid, and I was playing Red, and my sister was playing Blue, I had very limited English knowledge. As the older one, she knew marginally better than me, but she didn't like reading text in video games.

    We both picked Charmander, and started our journey innocently enough. Got through the Rattata and the Pidgey that we faced, then the Caterpie and the Weedle, until we reached Brock's Gym. We knew that we had to beat him, but Charmander proved useless, and it was the only ...
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  2. Easy Win

    I'm pretty sure this was my easiest win to date. I sent out my Salamence and my Garchomp. Used Outrage, and killed everything.

    The everything was: Hydreigon, Beartic, Emboar, Eelektross. I'm pretty sure I only won because my Pokémon were EV trained, and that Blizzard didn't kill Garchomp, which means that my opponent was probably not EV trained. I think.

    And his name was Ash, so I'm sure his Pokémon weren't EV trained, now.

    Anyway, I got 5 Battle Points ...
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  3. Idiot

    I spent a lot of time catching N's Pokémon. I am frustrated because the last one was Joltik, and only then did I have the great idea of using Max Repels and Pokémon of the correct level.

    Seriously, if you still haven't caught them, then just stick a Pokémon with the same level at the front of your party, then spray some Repels. They are usually higher in level than other Pokémon in that area; I got the Joltik on my second encounter.

    I'm such an idiot for not thinking ...
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  4. You're Welcome, Bulbapedia

    I just did all of THIS!

    Thank you, thank you. Really, all this applause is unnecessary. I'll just accept monetary rewards.

    What's that? I only get gratitude?


    But on a serious note, I can't get the Plasma Energy to work. Please feel free to do it, and tell me what I'm doing wrong!

    {{cardlist/entry|cardname={{TCG ID|Plasma Storm|Plasma Energy|127}}|type=Energy|energy=Colorless|enset=Plasma Storm|enrarity=Uncommon|ennum=127/135|jpset=Plasma
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  5. Chespin

    After a quick, but very conflicted, thinking session with myself, I've decided that I will pick Chespin to be my starter. I also want Fennekin to be Fire/Fighting upon evolving, because I love seeing people writhe with rage.

    This is the second Generation in which I liked all the starters, the first being III. They all look good! And Chespin looks so awesome! I want it. I want it now.
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