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  1. Bai Gaiz!

    Going on the "Choir Retreat".

    AKA Lazy W Ranch.

    AKA middle of the mountains in a forest with no phone service or internet. D:

    Well... *brings along GBC*

    Anyways, i won't be back til Sunday. Love you all! <3
  2. Whewt.

    Btw, new chapter up in mah story bout Firenze. :3



    I think i have a problem. XD While writing the lemons in my Rocketshipping fanfic... i tend to stray from it and start writing comedy. XD Oopsies.

    Like, i keep putting scenarios of Kojiro saying cheesy lines, Musashi putting on a strap-on and saying shes a seme (which would SO happen, btw) and...

    ...i ...
  3. Whoo...

    Life's boring.

    Any advice to spice it up?
  4. Did i do the right thing?

    Here's some background info on the situation. o_o;; From an old blog.

    So last year, there was a Freshman guy (Kyle) i was dating... and broke up with. Everyone though i broke up him so i could be with my current boyfriend. Like it was a conspiracy to get this shy little boy hurt (he didn't have many friends because he was a Freshman, and he had a huge crush on me). I broke up with him not to be with my more outgoing boyfriend, but more of because it got annoying after awhile that
  5. I'm alive. o_o

    This is my follow up to the last blog.

    Thanks for those who worried. :) I got out unscathed.

    My mom came home and was raging. My dad was blissfully unawares of what was going on. He asked why i was sad (as i'm cleaning the kitchen from dinner) and i said i to ask my mom.

    She comes bursting in, yelling at me saying "She's pissed because i tore her room apart!" and i'm all "i'm not pissed..." And shes all "Then what are you?!" ...
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