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  1. Fool's Gold: Part 11

    With one hand, I grabbed Whitney's arm and pushed the knife away. With my other hand, I punched Whitney in the face.

    Whitney fell back and dropped the knife. She started sobbing.
    "Pathetic creature," I said stiffly. "You're not kawaii."
    "I'm...I'm s-s-sorry!" Whitney sobbed. "I just don't know what came over me..."
    She dug into her pocket and pulled out a Badge and awhite TM.
    "Take them," she told me.
    "How do I know this isn't a trick?" I asked. ...
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  2. Fool's Gold: Part 10

    On the way back to Goldenrod, I met a Firebreather with two Magmar. He was tough, but Capone and Honey pulled through.
    The man offered me his number. I would have refused, but he promised to give me tips on burning plastic.

    I took a guided tour of the Goldenrod radio tower. They gave us a quiz of five questions. If we got every question correct, you got a radio card for your iPokeGear.

    In case you're wondering, the answers are: Yes, Yes, No, Yes, No.
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  3. Fool's Gold: Part 9

    I felt bad for ripping off that family, stealing that kid Gold's clothes.

    But my clothes had Slowpoke drool on them.

    I had no idea where I was, but I quickly learned I was in some far-off Region called Kanto. I found out that the radio tower I seeked was in Johto, but there was a smaller tower somewhere in this Region.

    I caught a Pikachu.

    I caught a Metapod ...

    Updated 12th April 2011 at 09:17 PM by Karamazov

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  4. Fool's Gold: Part 8

    I entered the Azalea Gym, Falkner Jr. cradled in my arms.

    I stared down at the little shota Gym Leader...


    "Well, hey there," he said. "You here for a battle?"
    "You're so cute!" I kawaii'd. "Desu desu!"
    "To tell you the truth, I'm so glad you didn't think I was a girl like everyone else."
    "To tell you the truth, a guy is playing me right now!"
    "...What?" ...

    Updated 12th April 2011 at 02:59 PM by Karamazov

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  5. Fool's Gold: Part 7

    Well, that was fun.

    The Rockets left town, which was my plan, too. The Ilex Forest was nearby, and I thought of all the kawaii Pokemon, desu.

    I was about to enter Ilex Forest when she appeared.


    "...You know what I found out?" Ginger asked me. "Because of you...everyone thinks I'm a girl!"
    "But...you are a girl," I said.
    "No I'm not!" ...

    Updated 11th April 2011 at 05:01 PM by Karamazov

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