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  1. Fool's Gold: Part 21

    by , 24th April 2011 at 12:46 PM
    Location: Goldenrod City Radio Tower
    Mission: Lberate radio tower from Team Rocket.

    I was now wearing the Team Rocket uniform. I was going undercover.
    "What it it, Capone?" I asked my Pokemon.
    He started poking at me. The caption said that he was poking at garbage.

    I was about to get past a guard when...Ginger!

    "I'm here to stop you, Team ...
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  2. Fool's Gold: Part 20

    by , 23rd April 2011 at 01:15 PM
    I flew on Falkner Jr to Mahogany. You'd think I'd brake his kawaii little spine, but no.

    Also, I saw Suicune. Eusine showed up after Suicune left.
    "I JUST FOUND SUICUNE DROPPING!" Eusine cried out to me happily. "WANNA SEE?"
    "Ew. You poser."
    "Don't be hatin' because Suicune chose me to recieve them-"
    "I just saw Suicune. You just, just missed it. Again."

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  3. Fool's Gold: Part 19

    by , 22nd April 2011 at 02:15 PM
    After some off-screen training, I returned to the Gym.

    "Heya!" Chuck said to me. "Ready for a raunchy time?"
    "Let me get hot 'n' sweaty in this match! Let's go!"
    "This is more disgusting than that time I randomly made a pop culture reference out of nowhere like Family Guy does."


    Quilava vs ...
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  4. Fool's Gold: Part 18

    by , 21st April 2011 at 02:15 PM
    Phew! Defusing bombs is tough work! But it turned out that Falkner Jr. had a real talent for it. or maybe he did so well against them because the realized that I'm the only woman who will ever love him so much? Either way, he doesn't try to escape anymore.

    I left the hideout and returned to the Pokemon Center. I changed into my old clothes, since I was planning to do a lot of traveling. I mean, Olivine City was waiting for me.

    Lance walked up to me.
    "Hi, Lance," ...

    Updated 22nd April 2011 at 08:19 AM by Karamazov

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  5. Fool's Gold: Part 17

    by , 20th April 2011 at 02:15 PM
    I looked over the Lake of Rage. A red beast bobbed contently in the water. The place smelled like a cross between a wet sock and the back of Burger King.

    I got on Mantine and greeted the beast.
    "Sorry to disturb you," I said to her. "But could you show me the way to Olivine City?"


    "Yes, but the weather reports said that the rain will stop in a couple ...
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