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Fanart and original art will be/is posted here.

  1. Pokemon dress-up games (of now and the future)

    If any of you stay updated with my dA account, then you'd know I already made a Hinata/Solana dressup game. But this time, I'm working on a Flannery one. I have 3/4 the clothes done.

    If you want to play my Hinata dress up game, it's right here

    So with Flannery, I already added outfits from two other Pokemon anime characters but you wont know who they are till I finish the game or else it'd be spoiled. But I'll give ya a hint: it's a young girl and a grown man.

    Updated 1st October 2008 at 03:25 PM by Hyatt

  2. New art!

    It isn't Pokemon fanart, it's an original, done in the fanciest variation of my art style.

    I do pictures in this artstyle to test my skill and to learn new techniques that the professionals use.
    She's a pink haired girl and she's wearing a variation of my character Cassandra's dress.

    The picture took me two days. Also, the face may be a bit distorted because it's a pain in the ass to draw angled subjects on a tablet.

    Updated 1st October 2008 at 03:26 PM by Hyatt

  3. New animation

    I have Flash and sometimes I use to make animations.
    I also use Flash to make vectors, fake anime screens and other stuff. It's an awesome vector-based program but if you dont know the right person, it's very expensive
    I knew the right person

    Well anyway, here it is
    Kawaii anime girl with various face animations

    Coloring it took me forever because I had to color every frame manually
    btw, it's all hand drawn animation, not cheap ...

    Updated 1st October 2008 at 03:27 PM by Hyatt

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