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  1. Badnwagon #godknowshowmany

    Your Favorite Film: I don't have just one favourite film. I like any film that I find entertaining. *totally did not cheat out of that*
    Your Least Favorite Film: Cars. Just Cars. and its sequel. ooh and Twilight.
    A Film You Watch and Cry: I'm a heartless soul that doesn't cry. I laughed when Scar dropped Mufasa onto a stampede of Bisons.
    A Film That Reminds You of Someone: *shrugs*
    A Film That Reminds You of Somewhere: *shrugs*
    A Film That Reminds You of Your Past: ...
  2. Well, well, well

    Looks like doomsday has come early for Bulbagarden. I hope you all are aware that @guardian468; has doomed us all. What she has done is so heinous that it just boils my blood.

    She has given me my 1000th like.

    The number alone would've sent shivers down the spines of the victims of the December 16, 1997 seizure incident. Yes, it is worse than someone simply dividing by zero.

    The fate we all face is now in the hands of guardian468, ...
  3. I think my Gold Version is dead...

    Or the memory thingie at least. Gold is still playable and savable but reseting the game seems to bring me right back to the beginning of the game...

    Yeah. My Gold version is dead...

    RIP Gold version
    2000(I think)-2012.

    It had a level 100 Feraligatr. It was the best Feraligatr I had. completely wiped out Red's Pokémon with ease (not because of its level, nope). and every other Pokémon I had in that game was at least 45.

  5. You know...

    Justin Beiber is actually good :/. I mean, sure Baby was kinda meh but sometimes you have to follow a singers career in order to like them. I didn't like Chris Brown's first album, I only like his music after hearing Forever.

    Same with Justin. Just listening to his newer music, it is actually quite good and I'm starting to like them.

    Better than the ponies I keep seeing these days*raises shield*
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