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  1. 10 Days Meme: Day 1

    Blah blah blah, what's there to put here?

    Day One: Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now.

    1. Stop talking to me (my stalker acquaintance)

    2. Stop talking about me (some girl)

    3. Your laugh is really infectious (new friend)

    4. Good game today (someone I had a Pokémon battle with)

    5. I wish we had classes together (my good friend)

    6. Stop updating your Facebook status every ...
  2. I think I might be getting sick again...

    I hope I don't have to get another blood test.

    Also, the sketchbook theme of the week for art class is "xenophobia". Wtf. And my teacher pronounced it wrong too.
  3. Bandwagon crap

    God this looks really boring. But I don't feel like researching the history of wind turbines right now, so...

    1. Name: Agnes

    2. Nickname: I have an acquaintance who calls me Egg, but that's it.

    3. Birthday: May 25

    4. Male or female: Female

    5. Elementary School: My fourth one (the one I went to right before high school) was kinda crappy.

    6. High School: Yeah. I'm in it.

    7. College: Nope.
  4. Why is it that...

    ...I can remember that I had a dentist appointment on November 25, 2002, and I can remember the opening theme of a French movie I saw ONCE when I was nine, but I can't remember what I learned in math class yesterday?
  5. Some facts about me

    I'm very bored, something that almost never happens, so here goes

    1. I am the laziest person I know
    2. I keep a dream journal
    3. I lose things a lot. Each school year I go through like six erasers.
    4. I'm very forgiving (with a few exceptions >_>)
    5. I'm technologically impaired, linguistically impaired, athletically impaired, and uh...culinary-ally impaired? Can't cook to save my life.
    6. I'm interested in astronomy
    7. I'm an optimist...sort ...
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