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The posts that address Bulba-specific issues.

  1. Looking Forward: The Forums, and a Flummoxed Fandom?

    Note: this essay was originally composed for National Bulbagaraphic by request of DCM. Since we've decided that's not going anywhere, I reposted it here with some edits and additions.

    As members of the Pokémon fandom, we have it good. There's a vibrant online community, with multiple major websites—each with its own style and attitude. The games we all enjoy so much still come out on a regular basis; we do not encounter the same problems, as a fandom, that face Star Wars fans or ...

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    Bulbagarden Topics
  2. Looking at Bulbagarden, critically

    In response to my request for essay topics, Aie suggested:
    Quote Originally Posted by AiedialEclipsed
    Why not address Bulbagarden (and its subsections) as a whole and evaluate it and its current status and your thoughts on it, etc... Basically, an evaluation of each part of the site.
    And so I'll do that. I'm going to actually refrain from talking about the forums because I have a longer essay already written about this topic that I'll post shortly. But I'll have a look at the rest of the site--Bulbapedia, Bulbanews, the ...
    Bulbagarden Topics
  3. Essayism

    I have an essay that I'll be posting whenever it's convenient for me (it was for NB, but that got canned and so the essay needs edited a bit) about the future of the fandom. But I figured that if anyone had a topic that they wanted addressed at length about Pokemon/Bulbagarden/etc., I'd take that on first. So this isn't quite a Question Time thread--I'm looking for one idea that I can address more thoroughly (looking to do a 500+ word piece on it). If anyone has an idea or issue they'd like addressed, ...
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  4. Questions Answered, II of II

    Hopefully I didn't mess up any of the formatting. Thanks for submitting interesting questions, by the way--I enjoyed answering them. Here's the rest of the questions, answered:

    Blazaking_EX's Question
    n will I be given something to do as Staff Artist?
    Soon, I hope. That really isn't my department, but if you wanna draw me a picture, feel free. At the moment we don't have any projects going (that I'm aware of) that require art.

    DCM's Questions
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  5. On Moderators

    A quick disclaimer: this blog is my own thoughts and isn't some official proclamation or something. The opinions here are my own.

    Moderators are an underappreciated bunch.

    I get a bunch of compalints every month about a moderator screwing up or making mistakes or otherwise not doing their jobs right. Speaking generally, most of these complaints don't amount to anything. I can see that a user deleted a double-post after the infraction was given, or that it really was ...

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    Bulbagarden Topics
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