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  1. Enzap's LeafGreen Playthrough pt. 3 - Sure is Misty This Evening

    In the last episode I had just exited Mt. Moon after collecting a Moon Stone and a Dome Fossil.

    The first major event that took place was teaching Tsuna the Charmeleon Mega Punch. I realized too late that I probably should have just gotten rid of Growl for it instead of Scratch.

    I entered Cerulean City and quickly found Stupid. He must have been trying to live up to his name since he had a level 18 Squirtle. I thrashed him good and I then made my way up Nugget Bridge. ...
  2. Enzap's LeafGreen Playthrough pt. 2 - I Need a Rina

    Decided to start using horrible puns in my titles. You cannot convince me otherwise.

    I know I just made a blog a couple of hours ago, but I just finished playing and I didn't want to risk forgetting any details.

    When we last left off I had defeated Brock and was on my way to Mt. Moon...

    With Bianchi sporting her new Double Kick, beating all those Geodudes in that cave was a cinch. Pity I didn't have that move in my arsenal when I fought Brock.
  3. Enzap's LeafGreen Playthrough

    So yesterday I started playing through LeafGreen for the umpteenth time. I'm a bit late starting this blog, so I'll fill you in on what has happened so far.

    To start my epic adventure through the Kanto region, I chose a perky little Charmander as my partner. I made my way up to Viridian City and back to deliver Oak's Parcel, then up through Viridian Forest.

    A little side note, I like naming my Pokemon after shows I'm obsessed with, so this time I went with a Katekyo ...

    Updated 26th May 2013 at 09:43 PM by Enzap

  4. Can't Believe I Almost Forgot

    Today is my 3rd Bulbaversary! *pauses for applause*

    Thank you. Since I've only got 15 minutes before Adventure Time comes on CN West, I'll make this quick.

    BMGF is a very special place, filled with very special people. People who need people, and who are, in many ways, the luckiest people of them all! Wonderful, fantastic, awesome nerds!

    To name a few of these special people:

    @Karis; @Buzz ...
  5. I Got Exciting News Today!

    I was accepted into my first (and only) college!!! I had applied Early Decision so that is officially where I will be attending next Fall. :D It's a really competitive school so I had no idea whether or not I would get in.
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