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  1. Got Black Yesterday!!!

    by , 23rd October 2011 at 11:10 AM (The Somewhat Depressed Teenager)
    Bada-ba-ba-baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! I'm lovin' it!!!!!!!

    The graphics are amazing, so much better than any of the games before it. I'm already in Nimbasa-City, but I don't have the Badge yet.

    My Team:

    • Bacon the Pignite, Lv. 28
    • Yorkie the Herdier, Lv. 18
    • Vinea the Pansage, Lv. 12
    • Malky the Purrloin, Lv. 11
    • Alfee the Audino, Lv. 21
    • Lillil the Petilil (Traded for) Lv. 18

    What do you-guys think of 'em?
  2. Banner edit for me please?

    by , 8th October 2010 at 07:29 PM (The Somewhat Depressed Teenager)

    Can someone make this signature-size for me, please?
  3. help, please?

    by , 17th September 2010 at 06:25 PM (The Somewhat Depressed Teenager)
    Uh, I'm making up a RP.

    It's about a bunch of Gijnkas (50% human, 50% Pokemon) kids who escape an awful Lab, and have to live on the run.

    But I can't think of a name for it. Can anyone gimme a hand?
  4. Okay, I'm gonna to a Pokemon commentary/play-through

    by , 29th August 2010 at 04:47 PM (The Somewhat Depressed Teenager)
    No, it will not be Nuzlocke. I'm trying to decide between FireRed and Ruby. I know what I'll name myself, what Starter I'll pick, and what I'll name it.

    I'm gonna do an Greek God theme, though; no matter what. I just need to decide on the game.
  5. Help with a Banner?

    by , 28th August 2010 at 01:34 PM (The Somewhat Depressed Teenager)
    I made a Banner for my RPG, PokeMorph High, and it wouldn't upload, becaus "it was not a valid image file" Can someone please tell me how to make it valid?

    (otherwise, I'll just request that someone make a Banner for it.)
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