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  1. Update from the 2012 Autumn Friendly frontlines #3

    by , 15th September 2012 at 11:07 AM (Life with Bleach)
    (Match 21) 3-0 Me: I had all the right reads. Faster then their pokemon and right moves
    (Match 22) 3-0 Oppenent: Had no anwser for his Washing Machine Rotom
    (Match 23) 3-0 Oppenent: Another Zapdos user...
    (Match 24) 2-0 Me: It was a good match. Metagross took Dig like a champ
    (Match 25) 4-0 Oppenent: Getting sick of Zapdos users..
    (Match 26) 2-0 Oppenent: Don't get why all legendary Pokemon aren't ban. Oh well
    (Match 27) 2-0 Oppenent: Bad matchups all ...
  2. Update from the 2012 Autumn Friendly frontlines #2

    by , 14th September 2012 at 08:04 PM (Life with Bleach)
    (Match 11) 4-0 Me: It was just a good read on my part
    (Match 12) 3-0 Oppenent: Poiltoad handle business for the person
    (Match 13) 2-0 oppenent: Hyderigon and Braviary
    (Match 14) 2-0 Oppenent: Match was close but couldn't pull it out...again
    (Match 15) 1-0 Me: Moltic saved my butt in this one. Surf for the win
    (Match 16) ??? I was winning but the connection suddenly drops
    (Match 17) 3-0 Me: Had the better matchup
    (Match 18) 2-0 Me: Thought I made a ...
  3. Update from the 2012 Autumn Friendly frontlines

    by , 14th September 2012 at 11:18 AM (Life with Bleach)
    (Match 4) 4-0 Oppenent: I didn't take enough risk in this match and payed for it.
    (Match 5) 1-0 Oppenent: Moltic got confused at the last moment and gave my oppenent the match...
    (Match 6) 2-0 Oppenent: Lucky punk got off Fissure! Of all the damn moves! Such luck...
    (Match 7) 3-0 Oppenent: Sunny Day/Solar Beam combo did me in
    (Match 8) 2-0 Oppenent: Meh I just lost this one
    (Match 9) 3-0 Me: They sent out the Regis for the last line of defense. I was good I predicted ...
  4. So it begins...

    by , 14th September 2012 at 12:48 AM (Life with Bleach)
    The tournament is underway. I find it to be fun so far. I am 1-2 at the moment. Just picked up that win as I am doing this. Yea...I am glad my friend Cat talked me into entering this Friendly Tournament.

    Breakdown of my matches so far:
    (Match 1) 1-0 Opponent: Came down to our last pokemon. He had the type advantage (Water vs Fire)
    (Match 2) 4-0 Opponent: He completely owned me with his Zapdos. I had no answer for it.
    (Match 3) 3-0 Me: Miltoc pretty much handle ...
  5. Entering the Autumn Friendly

    by , 6th September 2012 at 02:29 PM (Life with Bleach)
    I am not really one for entering such events but after seeing my friend talk about it and helping her out by being her punching bag, I figure what the hell. I am going in for the sake of seeing new battle tactics and seeing different Pokemon. Not going to lie...I don't really think I stand a chance but might as well go in and have some fun with it right.

    The team I am rolling in with is:
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