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Error 10610 - UPDATE

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Oh how I loathe this error...

Recently, I have been trying to upload my battle video against Dahlia. Sadly, every time I attempt the upload, this bright and happy little fellow appears on my doorstep. He doesn't come with with a present, not even a single flower. Just a lovely bit of annoying news...

The error itself says there is an issue with my DS. I find this to be unlikely, since I have tried to upload a video with a second DS (A DS Lite this time), and a different game, to the very same error filled result... So, why does this error keep knocking on my doorstep when I try to use the new Pt features of the Global Terminal, but keeps away when I use the GTS, or Mystery Gift?

I have heard that others have been plagued with Mr. 10610 and his boxes of annoying news, but everyone I know that has had this issue, still manages to get their Battle Videos uploaded. Is this a trial of Nintendo? Am I just to continue trying to upload this video, and keep getting visited by this stalker? Or, is this a case of time to replace my DS, and hope for the best?

...Okay now, seeing as I have let my frustrations out in a productive form... Anyone else getting slammed by this visitor when trying to use the Pt features of the Global Terminal? Anyone want to share their stories of Mr. 10610? Feel free to leave comments. ^_^

UPDATE: Seems since I got my Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector, I haven't been seeing Mr. 10610. Hurray!

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Updated 23rd July 2009 at 08:33 PM by Kogoro

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  1. Tina's Avatar
    I dunno if the error codes are the same between the JP/EN versions... unless you tried between languages or something and got the same code. Otherwise, I'd go and check to see if uploading anything'd work on my Plat. XD

    That's kinda weird, though... maybe the server for the Battle Videos is down/screwed up and gives you the wrong code...?
  2. Kogoro's Avatar
    I have no clue with the JP version. I'm only an EN version player. I would assume though, that the error codes would be the same.

    If you could test that for me, that would be very very awesome Tina ^_^
  3. TTEchidna's Avatar
    It hits me. I assumed it was because of my shitty wi-fi around here.
  4. Kogoro's Avatar
    Well, my Wi-Fi did go out yesterday... (But that was an ISP fail for about 10min) Other than that issue, my connection has always been 3-bar, and everything but the new Global Terminal features work without issue.

    Sooo... I assume that the server(s) holding that part of the WFC might be skrewed up... Battle Videos and that are probably a little too popular.


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