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A HoS-Worthy Blast from the Past

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I have repeatedly said before how Bulbagarden's infamous "fanservice" thread was the dumbest thing since, well, dang, it precedes the "Global Boycott", so what other idiotic moment can I use here? Oh yeah, the Joe-Liam Feud and the ridiculous Anti-Serebii sentiment this place used to have (which was funny when I was 14, but now it's just petty). That works. Until now, though, I haven't had a good opportunity to "explain" why it was stupid. For reference, here's the topic.

Fanservice in the Pokemon Anime

A goldmine of awesomely bad arguments and actually awesome quotes. Blackjack Palazzo's first response was epic win.

"I'd like to see some more male fanservice, myself.

Or rather, let me restate that. Males that AREN'T ASH. Because damn, yo.

And Meowth's daydreams about scantily-clad Giovanni aren't it either, since those are...well...totally out of character."

Kind of sets the tone for the direction this thread is going to take. Indeed, it is utterly hilarious that in that entire thread, it was the guys that were arguing and taking it so seriously, while the girls were either "who cares?" or having a good laugh at the thread's expense. Neku even posted Jessie pics. So much for Pokemon fanservice being demeaning to women, eh? So, I wonder why the guys would be so determined to argue and nitpick over every dang screenshot and detail in the anime. Could it be guilt? Yes, that must be it. Out, damned spot!

Unfortunately, it isn't all fun and games. Too bad, because it would have been great HoS material, but instead guys actually had to take it seriously. Cringe-worthy arguments abound. From vee2x paradox (http://bmgf.bulbagarden.net/478744-post364.html

"And you people act like 10 year olds CAN'T have boobs or hit puberty early.

I clearly remember in my 4th and 5th grade years that I had a classmate with a bust about the size of the average American 15 year old."

Gee, thanks. I really could have went my entire life not knowing that. Then again, it's not really like any analysis of May's breasts ever goes anywhere productive, anyways, aside from showing how little life people complaining about them have. Another "interesting" thing was the double standard people applied when raving on about May and Dawn in very nitpicky fashion while defending Misty's fanservice moments as irrelevant (of course, the fact that her originally huge horny fanbase seems to have dropped off the face of the Earth makes it easier for the Misty fans to retcon Misty's "hotness" as if it never existed, another "Out, damned spot" moment). The thread couldn't possibly have an implicit motivation to exalt Misty, could it? My head hurts enough as it is.

But officially, this quote takes the cake for being the absolute most cringe-worthy, head-banging moment in the entire thread. From, of course, the infamous skinny nerd who badly needs to get laid (http://bmgf.bulbagarden.net/479852-post384.html

"speaking of the Beach strip, I know that May Might have had a Bikini underneath, but, I can't say it's a given. for all we knew, May could have completely stripped down (meaning she was completely you-know-what) and put on the bikini and threw the clothes down afterwards, AND THEN we saw her in the bikini."

Now imagine shit like this across 30+ pages.

Such a historic milestone in Bulbagarden history, and I just had to miss it. Instead I get stuck with the Masamitsu Hidaka controversy, which isn't nearly as fun as it is basically a mini version of this thread. Alas, I can't ever recall anything on Serebii Forums as idiotic as this thread, so it was a pity I didn't even get an opportunity to post-laugh at all the guys scared of being damned to hell or something for thinking dirty thoughts about fictional 10-year-old girls in any situation, and thus finding eternal salvation in Jesus, er, Misty, despite their Messiah having just as many fanservice moments which everyone conveniently ignores.

Wow, that last sentence felt good to write.

EDIT: I'm surprised I've missed this one the first time around. Another Epic Win quote from the Epic Fail thread, this time by vee2x paradox.

"In all honesty if you think such small things as wearing cute dresses just to appeal to little girls watching the show who idolize Hikari is such a bad thing, that's as worse as the reaction compared to the woman who complained and bitched about Jinx being this so called racist stereotype.

What's next, a cute winter outfit with a we see little girls wear seasonally is now considered loli-bait? What, would you want our children to cover themselves up in bubbles and duct tape without fear of being "too revealing"?

This makes me think the people watching are the ones making things more perverse than they should be and were." (http://bmgf.bulbagarden.net/478559-post359.html)

Yes, this lampshades how utterly stupid the thread is.

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Updated 30th September 2008 at 07:49 PM by MetaRobo

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  1. Nekusagi's Avatar
    Ah, good times. That thread was good for some lulz.

    Although, a correction is in order. I posted dodgy Jessie pics, not May swimsuit pics.
  2. The Outrage's Avatar
    So travelling women must always wear a bikini under their clothes incase they want to go for a swim?

    I can't believe the hairy insect calls May, who lives in a tropical region full of beaches wearing a bikini fan service, but not Misty Mermaid, or the fact that she wears sluttier clothes than any of the girls did during their run.

  3. MetaRobo's Avatar
    Too bad the guy who started the topic, Dual, didn't stick around. Smug, self-righteous pricks are always fun to mock, even if he is a slightly milder form of Weedle. A golden Epic Fail quote from him:

    "I don't feel that way, but even if I did, could you really blame me? I started this thread to try and have a sensible discussion on the subject of increased fanservice, yet the most common arguments against this point are either "Ew, why are you actually noticing this stuff!" or "You're giving it too much thought!" It's very frustrating to be told that I'm "thinking about it too much" when it seems so blatantly obvious that I not only don't consider my self to be over-thinking it, but am surprised that people are actually saying something so ridiculous." (http://bmgf.bulbagarden.net/479274-post375.html)
  4. Jorah's Avatar
    WOW, I remember that thread! I don't know why a buggish person always seems to bring up that May scene all the time, it was just supposed to be funny :/

    Some random person "Please remember that the standards in Japan are much, MUCH lower than those here in America."

    XD Oh dear...
  5. Kthleen's Avatar
    "What's next, a cute winter outfit with a we see little girls wear seasonally is now considered loli-bait?"

    Ugh. Go to the "They're making a tween version of Dora the Explorer!!!" thread at Serebii. Even after I posted the non-silhouette picture (you know, with the tunic and leggings, not the short skirt, halter top, and prostitute makeup?), there are people asking if she's legal, saying that Swiper peeks under skirts and "steals virginity", saying how Dora's "hot," and talking about how "[a] new era of pedophilia has begun." *headdesk... with their heads*


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