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The pros and cons of being ill.

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Being ill! We all love it 'cause we don't have to go to school or work. We all hate it 'cause it's uncomfortable and it hurts. But I'm not bothered, much. I just wish I didn't keep coughing up mucus... ew.

Anywho, ill. I am it and I'm not really enjoying it. I felt terrible when I woke up, and I feel stiff. Even my poor fingers won't move fluidly. I miss my nimble movements. ;-;
But Calorie (Dragonite) is now Lv 100! It's stats are poor though, I think. Looks like I'll have to retrain another Dragonite, or switch to Salamence. Even though I love Dragonite to bits.

Oh, and my sister is a cruel person:
Mother: I'm so proud of you!
(Mother's proud as sister Lottie got into the Top 10 results in England for her results, or something)
Lottie: Wtf?
Mother: Huh?
Lottie: Other people have gotten it! You've just made it not special for me now, thanks. -Pissed off-
Mother: I'm only telling you I'm proud of you! -Starts to cry-
Lottie: Now it doesn't mean anything to me. Why are you even crying? You're not me.
Mother: 'Cause that was a really mean thing to say. -Heartbroken-
Lottie: I don't fucking care! -Walks out-

Bitch. I seriously hate her. That's her being nice. :/
Gah, we all have to endure her selfish attitude. It's always about her.
If her music and (absolutely dreadful, over the top, high pitched, monotone, brain melting) singing is too loud, we get told to 'fuck off'. If mine is, I'm like "k son -turns down-".
If a member of the family is coming to visit, she'll stay in bed. But if a friend calls up, she's out like a shot, even when the family are around.
If we're planning to go out for a day, she'll refuse to go, or complain of a stomach ache and blame 'girl problems' (which is retarded as she'll use that excuse every week.)
And she's a compulsive liar.
She's not a part of our family, anymore. Mother always kept her cruelness hidden, until recently. Even then, she won't tell people stuff. She should. The family needs to know what a little c*nt she is.

But, on the plus side,
no Sixth Form tomorrow, either!

EDIT: Whoa, I just realized I did more bitching than talking about being ill. Oh, well.
These are the pros:
  • No Sixth Form/School/Work
  • More time to yourself
  • Attention!

And these are the cons:
  • You're ill.
  • Uncomfortable
  • You wanna eat less.
  • No friends. D: Well, you keep them, you're just not around them.

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  1. Blackjack Gabbiani's Avatar
    Your sister's in the top ten in the whole country and she's pissed off because there's other people in there with her? Unless she has nine other personalities, there's no way in hell she's going to fill all slots by herself.


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