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Suggestions for iTouch Apps?

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I have an iTouch. And it doesn't have any apps in it apart from the default apps (YouTube, Safari, etc.). My mom bought an app guide for me as a souvenir while she was in the US. I really don't know which app I should pick from there (since there are so many of them). So, any suggestions for really good/cool iTouch apps?

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  1. Dan's Avatar

    those are the only ones i need.
  2. Ghost's Avatar
    Pandora's Box
    Doodle Jump
    App Box Pro
  3. eevee91's Avatar
    Top 100s By Year By Bing

    You pick the year, and it plays random songs from the year. And I think it's still free.
  4. CuboneKing's Avatar
    DoodleJump = EPIC
  5. White Len's Avatar
    If you like rhythm games, Tap Tap Revenge.

    Evernote is a good note taking app...

    Dropbox syncs stuff between your phone and your computer...
  6. Steven's Avatar
    There's A LOT of good, free ones on iTunes, where you can even see those apart from ones you have to pay for. My suggestion is to go through those ones first and see which ones you like, then start flipping through the ones you have to pay for.

    If you're looking games, though, get SkeeBall!
  7. Amaura's Avatar
    I just got an iTouch a few days ago! ^_^ All I've got on it are free games, though (most of which aren't that good....But I love Crazy Hamster =P)