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My first entry

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Eh, I'm not that into writing blogs, let alone one in English (Spanish is my first language), but nonetheless I'll do it scarcely when I want to share with others some stuff I like. I do acknowledge that my grammar and syntax aren't perfect, but I'll try to do my best.

Well, I was playing My Pokémon Ranch today and I decided to take a few snapshots of my shiny and event Pokémon:

Japanese Faraway Island Mew carrying a Shiny Porygon

The eyeglasses Mii is Kenshin, one of my best friends I met when I visited for the first time the Pokémex Network site.
And about Mew, I got it from the GTS in the early days after the release of Diamond and Pearl; unless its internal data is wrong, everything I know so far about it is legit.

Sort of a totem pole with Eevee, Makuhita and Elekid

I wanted to position Makuhita at the top, but she preferred to take the lead and show off her outstanding toughness.

Lapras taking a nap

This shiny Lapras is from a friend that got it using the method of 'soft-reset' in a FireRed version. My Psyduck (random encounter on my first day in Diamond) is as watchful as always.

A careful Treecko

Yep, this Treecko has a Careful nature. It was hatched in Emerald by one of my college friends.
Talking about the trio of Darkrai in the background, one is from the Surf glitch of a Japanese Pearl I own, other is from the promotion of Dialga VS Palkia VS Darkrai (thanks to an online friend) and finally one is from the ALAMOS event.
The curly-hair female Mii is based on my mother (is Peppermint Patty watching her?).

There're quite a good number of Pokémon I want to write about, but for the time being I think it's good enough. I hope you liked my Pokémon. See you!

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Updated 7th November 2009 at 04:04 AM by RudolphMilotic

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  1. Blackjack Gabbiani's Avatar
    Nice! I put all my shinies onto my Ranch too, but I don't have near as many as...hmm, hang on...

    *counts* Nope, not nearly. I see all those shiny Eevee running around.

    ...and holy crap that *is* Peppermint Patty. Got any more character Miis?
  2. Flannery's Avatar
    wow you have a lot of shinies. I'm actually kind of jealous. But they do look cool in 3-D, especially the Darkrai trio
  3. RudolphMilotic's Avatar
    Well, those Eevee are all from the same chain. Surprisely, even knowing that the Trophy Garden is one of the hardest places to chain, I didn't have any problems to reach 40 Eevee on my first try. I think I was lucky then.

    About Peppermint Patty, I didn't designed her. I just grabbed her from the Mexican Top 10 list of the Check Mii Out Channel. I like Peanuts. There're quite a few other interesting and creative Miis made by Mexican people.
  4. dukeburger's Avatar
    ¡Estoy muy celosa por tu shiny Lapras! Siempre espero que encontraré a uno cuando yo EV train.

    Jajaja, lo siento, yo sé que no traduce bien eso.

    ¡Tengo que hacer algo así pronto!


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