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A Hero's Wanderings

Best Pokemon Song Ever!

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Okay, so while I was on my first vacation, two months ago, I heard this awesome song. It is what happens when you combine a love song with pop culture.

I was walking through the woods with a girl close to my heart,
When my heart began to flutter and the clouds began to part.
Then something dropped down right in front of me,
And i reached for my tool belt and pulled out something.
It was red and it was white and it was shaped just like a ball,
And I threw it right down, yes, I threw it on the ground.
Then I said the following words right out loud,
I choose you PIKACHU!

I caught a caterpie, I, I caught a caterpie, I caught, caught a caterpie, just for you girl, a caterpie, oh yeah.

Caterpie and I, traveled far and wide,
Through the thick and thin we stayed side by side.
Whether we were happy, bursting with pride,
Or that night I stubbed my toe and I admit I totally cried.
We battled across the land, through the forest and the sand,
'Till I got out the measuring tape and Caterpie changed size and shape.

Now I've got a Metapod, I, I've got a Metapod, yes, I've got a Metapod, girl, I've got a Metapod, oh yeah.

We trained for months on end, and then a few more days,
He knew no real attacks but I remained unfazed.
No matter the foe he just sat there and hardened,
'Till that fateful day when his crusty shell parted.

And now I've got a Butterfree, yes, I've got a Butterfree, oh I've got a Butterfree, yes, I've got a Butterfree, oh yeah.

I watched him spread his wings and flap them a few times,
Then he soared into the sky, prompting me to smile.
He did some loopdeloops and grazed the dandelions,
We spent the week together 'till suddenly he DIED?

'Cause Butterfrees have a short life span, yes, a real short life span, oh, Butterfrees have a short life span, its a shame, such a short life span, ooohhh no.

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    Oh, who was it who wrote the Giovanni Guy song? That one was good.


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