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Celebration! (Give Away)

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I'm celebrating having 2000+ pageviews on my DA account, both here and there.

And just like there, I'm celebrating by giving away one free request.

Any sort of sprite thing, banner, a fanfic, or a poem! (And it doesn't have to be about pokemon!)

I'm giving away one of each.

And I'll list who has what so nobody gets confused ^_^
Sprite - Aruscio
Banner - pichuvolttackle
Fanfic -
Poem -

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Updated 9th August 2010 at 09:17 PM by InsomniaticSpriter



  1. āruscio's Avatar
    I'd ask you to do a city, buuuuut judging on what you said about making cities it'd probably break our friendship. XD
  2. InsomniaticSpriter's Avatar
    It wouldn't break our friendship; if you wanna, then ask for it!
    I've almost finished my two remaining shop orders, so I won't have anything to do soon ^_^
  3. AceTrainer14's Avatar
    I'd like to request a big fancy banner for A Lover's Tiff: Misty and Dawn (anime art) made to look angry, with flames a giant pool area (maybe a water gym screenshot) behind them
  4. InsomniaticSpriter's Avatar
    That makes no sense whatsoever.
  5. āruscio's Avatar
    Nah, how about you make me a sprite? If you've read my fake game trio (tis in meh blog) pick one of the gym leaders/elite 4/gauntlet leaders to sprite. Besides Finch. :b
  6. AceTrainer14's Avatar
    What is confusing about it?
  7. pichuvolttackle's Avatar
    i'd like an awesome pichu banner.
    info: put as many pichu images as you can find xD
  8. shabu420's Avatar
    could you make me a banner with silver (character) and tsutarja standing side by side with a background of a city at night and can you use the sugiomuri art work and at the bottom could it say "the road of isshu will be long so for now we conquer black city!"


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