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Today at the beach

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ok seriously, who the F*CK steals a pair of sandals. I ski on a show ski team called the Aquaducks ( for those of you who want to know what show skiing is), and while I was skiing in the show, someone stole my sandals which were sitting by the rest of my stuff by the bleachers. I mean really, if we're at the point in humanity where people have to jack sandals off of each other, just kill me now.


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  1. Ghost's Avatar
    Almost everyone leaves there sandals lying on the beach.
  2. Kthleen's Avatar
    They're people. They'll steal anything that's not bolted down, and pry up then steal anything that is bolted down.
  3. Redclaws's Avatar
    yes Green, but not all of them get stolen... ugh. I'm so mad...

    and yeah, people are dicks. like seriously
  4. CuboneKing's Avatar
    Weird, I was just at my local beach... At least be lucky you brought sandals, no sandals + rocky beach = D:
  5. Redclaws's Avatar
    well, I had them when I WENT to the beach, but I had to walk on the rocks getting back to the car... gah...


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