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the heat

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Wow, crap, what a terribad day.

Went out to work at 9AM to get all the cases for the Census I had left. Got those done (save for one address that had two huge, aggressive dogs on guard)

It was hot, very hot, and it was the suburbs. Insects were everywhere and I got chewed up.

Got lost two times while looking for addresses, damn one way streets EVERYWHERE.

See, this is why they should keep us local (which they stated they do have an emphasis on doing), and not send us to areas we have no idea about.

The best part is, now that we have to go much longer distances and potentially get lost, they've made our pay requirements more strict. You need to turn in 1.5 (how does that even work!? do they want us to rip one in half?) questionnaires per hour to get paid for that hour. Spent 45 minutes going there? Too bad. No pay. No one responded? Too bad. No pay. 1.5 a hour on paper doesn't sound hard, but they forget that things don't always work that way on the field... so people will never answer their doors. Does that mean we're not doing what we are supposed to? No it doesn't. But do they care? Nope, they can easily sit in their air conditioned office and say "lol no money for you".

I know it's not for another 10 years, but never work for the Census, it's a bureaucratic nightmare. It's not worth it. In fact, I think I'm going to turn my badge in after I finish my next batch. Without us they'd have got NOTHING, yet they still treat us like crap. Tossing us about the map randomly and then refusing to pay us.

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  1. Stranger's Avatar
    You can always get a job that doesn't revolve around harassing other people.
  2. Ino-Chan's Avatar
    People still haven't turned their Census forms in? Wasn't that due like, in April?
  3. fate's Avatar
    @ Stranger

    Point me to one that's hiring and sure, I'll go for it.

    @ Ino-chan

    It's a different operation now. The whole thing doesn't officially end until October.


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