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Why I'm Online NOW ;<

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And for all of you non-EST pocket monsters humans, that's about 5:30 in the morning.


I has plan. Hopefully, I has good plan.

My sleep schedule is terribly off track. :<
Instead of getting up like I did as a child at 7.5-8, after having gone to bed at about 9-10-ish, I'm now going at 4:00 and sleeping far in until 1:00 P.M.
(Growing up has opened some doors for being more of a night owl, but a few of those need to be closed, desperately. ._.)

So, onto my nefarious plan. :3

I actually thought of two:

Choice 1: Gradually go to bed earlier night after night until your body has adpated to going to sleep early (I have found that if my "body clock" is set too late, and I try to go to bed early right off the bat, I just end up in bed, surfing on my iPod or playing my NDSi until I feel tired.), until you reach about 11:30-12:00. (Actual time TBD, as long as I can get eight hours, so I can validly)

Choice 2: Do what I'm doing now: stay up late, then pull an all-nighter. Stay throughout the day, as easy as it may be to fall asleep, as awake as possible, keeping occupied and whatnot (Should be easy if I play the second half of SS the entire day ;]). Make it to, at least, eleven o'clock, and then crash. It should be easy to do so, my body being as tired as it would be. And since I've noticed, that despite whatever my body clock is set to for waking up, I will wake up when I've slept long enough, so not necessarily until 12:30-1:00. (And if I do, I have a nice little iHome buddy next to me to do what it does best ;3)

As you've already noticed, I went with choice 2, being the most efficient. Not necessarily as guaranteed to work as much as option 1 may be, but I figure the chances of it not working aren't that great, so here I go.

Wish me "Ganbatte."

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  1. Yoshi-san's Avatar
  2. Steven's Avatar
    I haven't watched the series since it went into the lower tiers of time (like Pokemon is now) a long while ago before it ended on Cartoon Network, so I started watching it again, noticing many things a stupid preteen wouldn't. ;P Such as how great of a dub it is, and how it seems to embody the '90s so! :D

    And what a better way to celebrate than with everyone's favorite slightly psycho badass, Shinobu Sensui!
  3. Yoshi-san's Avatar
    I love the dub! It's one of the best. My friends think poorly of YYH for some reason....
  4. Steven's Avatar
    Could be for the same reason why a lot of the people who've seen both the original Dragonball and the dub declare the dub as crap, but I'm not one able to make a judgement there.

    The YYH dub... It just seems right. I can't explain why, which pains me when I hear people criticize it, as I'm not able to defend the dub viably. D;
  5. hurristat's Avatar
    The first, I say.
  6. Melty's Avatar
    I had a similar problem (went to sleep at 0300, woke up at noon), and I solved it by simply setting my alarm earlier. Set it an hour earlier each day and MAKE SURE YOU GET UP, then after a few days you'll be tired around 2200 and up at 0700.


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