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I'm bored out of my mind, so I may as well blabber mindlessly. My brother is in Colorado for some Boy Scout thing, and he has my copy of Heart Gold, so I can't play that, I'm rather bored of Platinum, Diamond is boring no matter what, I don't feel like playing Soul Silver, and trying to train for the Elite Four on Emerald is hell (I hate the PokeNav, which is why I'm thankful for Gabby & Ty), but I guess I could resume my training, but again, I don't feel like it. ChuggaaConroy hasn't uploaded Part 10 (Kanto) of his Pokemon Crystal LP, and peanut3423 hasn't uploaded any more parts of his Top 50 VGM list. On a different note, the pizza I'm eating is delicious . I'm listening to some remixes from PokeRemixStudio right now, and that guy never ceases to amaze me, although he hasn't made any new remixes in a while. Anyways, back to Pokemon. My Emerald team just needs 5-6 levels on each Pokemon, so here's my team so far:

Akita-Blaziken (F) Lv. 50
Kaito-Swampert (F) Lv. 50
Miku-Swellow (F) Lv. 50
Luka-Gardevoir (F) Lv. 50
Haku-Aggron (F) Lv. 50
Rin-Manectric (F) Lv. 49

As you can see, they are all females with Vocaloid names, although Kaito seems like an odd choice for a female Swampert, it suits her well. Well, that's about it for this round of mindless babble. Laterz.

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  1. Raves's Avatar
    Just train your team at Victory Road (for Swampert/Aggron/Blaziken/Gardy) and the Sky Pillar for the other two. The experience rates there are quite impressive considering how crap the 3rd gen is for wild pokemon massacre sites, alongside your Emerald Nav runs.


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