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what i get annoyed with

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the things i get annoyed with are
firstly being a messanger owl between two people RLY ANNOYING (lets not forget stressfull) like when u and a friend cant contact each other so u ask a friend who talks on the same forums or messanger to be a messnager between both of them
another thing is people not reading the whole sentences that a person puts down (when u type something a person says and the person u say it to say "What did he says", or something like that when u have alrdy have said it)
also when people dont follow the rules (like no cellphone texting during class)
there is more but for now ill just leave it at that.
the last thing for now that annoyes me is teachers who are a pain and make fun of you when you are trying your best in class (like my second period teacher)
oh and here is the biggest one that has alway bugged me is when i was young i had sprained my ankle and my mom had kept my home from school the next day and the teacher calls and threatens to call CPS on my mom all because i wasnt in school that day (from what i thought the teacher didnt like white people/kids)

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Updated 25th April 2012 at 04:20 AM by Hatsune Miku fan



  1. Garrett Givre's Avatar
    Much better.

    Being a messenger does suck...I can't imagine being one online though, its bad enough IRL.

    ...I do that sometimes...so can't say much. I've got bad memory.

    It frustrates me when teachers say to be quiet and people continue to talk. Not sure why, but it bugs me to no end. VERY frustrating.

    And I've dealt with stupid teachers too....it sucks.
    Updated 9th June 2010 at 04:53 PM by Garrett Givre


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