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A Writer's Feedback

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A writer's feedback seems very essential. I don't know many published authors who don't have an entire page in the beginning dedicated to those who helped and supported them through their novel. Most people on ff.net or fictionpress feel the need to add "Review!" to the end of their summaries or author's notes.

A lot of writers want it; a lot of writers need it.

I once heard that there are people out there who write for the sheer joy of it, who write just for themselves. Let me be a little more clear: There are people who claim to write a story and then never share it with anyone; they write for the fulfillment of getting their ideas out to satisfy only themselves. I used to be a believer in this, but I don't find it true anymore. I think anyone who says that after a certain point is lying to themselves. And I'm not talking about those who write to channel emotions.

I don't know many writers (amateur or published) who can go on with a story without having some kind of social support from friends or family or even complete strangers on the internet (a long and involved story, anyway). The whole point of places like mediaminer, fictionpress, fanfiction.net, seems to be getting attention and feedback.

I, for one, can't write for just myself. I'll be the first to say that nothing I write is for my own satisfaction. I write for others. Sure, I take pride in my accomplishment and I have fun when I do it, but generally it's all for the public in the end. I want to know that other people read and enjoy it, too. I mean, what do you do after you've written something that you're truly proud of but have no place to go with it? Can someone really be satisfied with just having that for themselves and never showing it to anyone? I can't.

I think I stopped writing for a long time because I lost the friend who really seemed to care about the things I wrote. She and I used to have a great love of writing and we swapped stories rather frequently. We just wrote and wrote and wrote. She was my support that kept me going, even though it was just her. Her interest and attention kept me motivated, made me feel good, made me feel proud. But then, she slowly stopped writing. Over time, she slowly lost interest in my writing, too. Her support of my stories dwindled from long ravings to short praises to one liners of, "I loved it!" then to nothing at all. And with no where to go and no more attention, I was completely uninspired to write anything else.

I just thought, "What's the point?"

These days, even getting a brief, "That was good!" is benefiting to my esteem. It's been so long since I've had anyone take an interest in the things I write. I don't want to just write for myself; I want to be able to write for others, too, and to know that there are people out there who appreciate my talent and my ideas. I want to matter as a writer somewhere to someone (or several someones). That's what writing is all about, right? Storytelling?

At the end, I want to hear the reader's thoughts. I want to hear what they liked, what they didn't like, why, what they expected, if they wanted more, if they could relate, if they enjoyed it.

I guess those people out there who write for themselves are lucky for missing out on all this trouble. They'll never become unmotivated. But I personally think a lot of the time, I can't stay focused on a story long enough to finish it because there's no driving force behind me. I have a terrible habit of wanting to write long chapter stories but not getting past chapter two before moving on to something else or losing interest entirely.

Out of a million ideas in my head, about five will ever be written. And only one will ever be finished. Sad statistics, right?

Generally, getting started is the hard part. Actually making it to the end is the harder part. Finding someone to share it with, to me, is the hardest part. Maybe not for everyone. I know there are some lucky, lucky people out there with friends who offer the sort of feedback and support they need to keep it going. I'm not so lucky.

Who knew it could so tough out there?

It's a little early. I'm not sure any of this is making sense anymore, so I'll end it here! For those who read my ramblings all the way to this point, you're a trooper.

Yes, you.

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  1. System Error's Avatar
    This, I think? Not a lot of people have read the story I'm writing yet. Even if you have the ideas and the willingness to share them, it can be hard to find an audience sometimes.
  2. Pandaun's Avatar
    I... write for fun. I carry around an Alphasmart during school even, writing at every chance given...

    Do I also write to please others? Only in the aftermath--I have more fun writing the story than I do letting others read it.
  3. White Len's Avatar
    This is everything I think about my own writing. And you are 100% write. And I am dead for that horrendous pun.


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