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My First Blog Post Ever!

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Woo! First blog post!

So, yea, a user blog most won't likely read in it's entirety. Ever. Depressing I guess.

I'll likely edit this one post for now, as I've no reason to keep making post after post. Think of this as my real-life version of the journal from DPPt.

Want to trade? Check my About Me section or the first spoiler in my [fairly large] signature for my three FC's.

The second spoiler will usually hold what my current breeding/training project is.

That said, check the spoiler below for my latest endeavor betwixt my three game cartridges and AR. I'm always doing something.

And no, I don't AR a complete nat'l. dex, ubers, etc. Worst I've done is forcing an Azure Flute and Manaphy Egg. Other than that, just shinies while breeding.

Now where to find a cloning code that works on my AR...

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  1. DCM's Avatar
    I read it all the way through.

    If you get the ralts, share with me? :p


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