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I really like smogon for their professionalness.
but really, why does everyone there ignore every vm you send?
I won 2 contests a month ago, and in neither did I get my prize.
I also have contacted various people through vm, and they never reply.
other than that, it's kool
there is some things here I like though
the art place has been my (metaphorical) houz lately, it's kool
but the trade center is pretty dull, no really good pokés.
I tried to start up project rare, but I'm not doing very well with no people actually trading, just trying to get the medicham.
really close to changing it to "A Breath of the Smog," but it made that special sig special for this...............

shout out to snakebitten for hacking me my trick room team
really happy about that
and also, if your on smogon and you like to hang out with me, post your username.
at least on smogon, when someone finnaly talks to you, it's not something like "trade my random nature and iv pokémon for your random nature and iv pokémon"

struggling not to become a pokémon snob......

thanks for reading!

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  1. Raves's Avatar
    Yeah, it's more like "CMT for your practically-flawless whatever."
  2. Blazevoir's Avatar
    I've been getting some really good trades on Smogon. I like the trades better than here but you're right, most of them aren't very sociable.
  3. Sublime's Avatar
    There are things called Personal Messages...they work fucking wonders...especially with staff members.
  4. pikmin's Avatar
    people ignore my pms too.


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