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Yes, I got Pokémon HeartGold Version 2 days after it came out here in Canada. I beat all the Gyms' *snap* just like that! I then pwnd the Champion, then the Kanto gyms. Now... I CAN'T BEAT RED!!!
I mean COME ON!

~A Level 77 Typhlosion
~A Level 70 Ho-oh
~A Level 65 Quagsire
~A Level 74 Red Gyrados
~A Level 69 Pikachu and
~A Level 73 Nidoking


EDIT: This blog will keep track of my HeartGold Events. No need to comment. Do it if you want. &
I beat Red! Lulz. I hacked in Max Revives. This will now be updated every time something "cool" happens.
(I.e. Catch a Rare/Legendary Pokémon, Beat the E4/Red, Win Bug Contest, Unlock new Pokéathlon Room/Earn Badge thing.)

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Updated 31st March 2010 at 07:21 PM by ToadDude (Because I felt like it.)



  1. double trouble!'s Avatar
    You really rushed through the game, lol.
    I've had it for nearly 2 weeks now, and I'm just finishing up Kanto. I prefer to play at a slower pace.
  2. Dragoon Rider's Avatar
    Here is my team when I beat Red is GSC. Of course, his team was at a lower level than it is now, but still pretty high up there.

    Lv 65 Typhlosion
    Lv 62 Suicine
    Lv 64 Lugia
    Lv 60 Eevee
    Lv 67 Entei
    Lv 66 Raikou

    And I beat him. Of course, it took about 20 Max Potions, and 40 Revives, but I beat him. His team were at lower levels, though.
  3. Dan's Avatar
    its all about the choices you make. make wise choices in game, and you shall succeed.


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