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My Top Ten Favourite Movies

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Sorry, I have horrible grammer...

A little bored, but I was thinking of my top ten movies... I want to know what you guys think of these...

#10= Sponge Bob (to childish?) I liked it because of it's humor, mainly it was cool! I liked the fact they made Spongebob and Patrick seem like hero's. Except they were goofier!

#9= White Noise (horror!) I like horror movies and many others, but this one, seemed really well acted. It was creepy, but that's one thing that made me enjoy it! Another is how they turned the tables on us. We see the writers make the main guys live, but this one was turned. Instead the ghosts won!

#8= Lucario and the mystery of Mew (pokemon!) I loved the way they brought aura into this movie. There was also mystery in this movie instead of the whole "I'm going to kill you now or you befriend me somehow..." junk. Instead it was development with Lucario and trust. They turned the tables on you with Sir Arron. I loved that connection!

#7= The Day After Tomorrow (...adventure?) I liked the warnings that they showed here. It was nice to see a movie explaining global warming with much more then predictions. It was intresting to wonder if they'd survive or not. The fact that they managed to get it from a tsunami to blizzard was pretty cool!

#6= Interview With The Vampire (What?) I liked the action in this movie, they really showed the story well. The talked about how everyone became a vampire and showed how some died. It had me watching for sure!

#5= Mattilda (kids but COOL!) I watched it when I was little. It seemed like she would never stop her nightmare like life. The mind powers were funny, that teacher scared me (the mean one)! Mrs. Honey? She was sweet, I liked the bravery the little girl showed, with determination. To stand up against her sad life for her friends. She deserved a happy ending!

#4= Hannah Montana (SO SUE ME!! I'M A GIRL, EVERYONE DRAGGED ME, THIS OR THE MALL FOR 6 HOURS!!!) I like the lessons. Though I disliked the romance. Friendship gets to me, those songs meant something. I liked the idea of finding out the person you really are, because your lost along the way. It teaches a good lesson.

#3= Shopaholic (AHAHA!) I loved the huomr here, what lessons... Not much to say but a great story I enjoyed ;)

#2= Marley and Me (*sniffs*) It seemed so cool to see the story of a puppy to Dog. The development was nice. But that ending got to me... Either way, it was enjoyable with a mixture of emotions!

#1= Flicka (sob story) Probably a rememerable movie. It showed a girl growing up with determination to take care of a horse. She loved it so much. The story between her and her father is well suggested for fathers to watch! It really is sad to see someone grow up. But it's touching, and it is hard, but you haft to give a child feedom. This story had all that was needed for someone to see and cry and be happy, and thankful for their father as well. It effects many and is therefor my #1 movie!

If you agree of disagree, SHOOT! We're all users! Just give a reason! ;D

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  1. Dan's Avatar
    Other than the spelling mistakes, good entry.

    The Spongebob movie is one of my favourites.

  2. eevee91's Avatar
    The ones I like from your list are Spongebob(laughed), Marley and Me (I cried too), and pokemon (love pokemon).
  3. double trouble!'s Avatar
    Matilda. Good movie, I think I still have it.
    The mean person was cool. I think her name was Ms. Trunchbull or something like that.

    I've never watched Lucario and the Mystery of Mew yet.

    The Day after Tomorrow scared me when I saw it, lol.
  4. Dopey's Avatar
    Hmmm. Still didn't watch the Mystery of the Mew. I guess I'll do so since you say its good.

    And yeah I too liked Spongebob and Shopaholics, lol.
  5. Izumoshep's Avatar
    Number 7, 8 and 6 are good. I couldn't but help lol at your reason for Hannah Montana, but aye, women will be women.


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