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When is a Wii not a Wii?

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While writing this entry, I miswrote “brother” as “bother”. That is a pretty good summation of him. One of his recent annoying habits is insisting that everything he says is absolute, ignoring all evidence to the contrary. Case in point:

Me: *Playing Lego Star Wars on my Xbox 360*
Brother: Why are you playing that a day early?
Me: Wuh? I’ve had it since Christmas. I can play it when I want.
Brother: No you haven’t. That Wii is a birthday present.
Me: It’s an Xbox 360. And I’m not even getting a Wii for my birthday.
Brother: I do know what a Wii looks like. My friend has one.
Me: But it’s not a Wii. It’s an Xbox 360. It plays Xbox 360 games. Look - It says Xbox 360 on the disc cover.
Brother: *doesn’t actually look*
Me: This isn’t even what the Wii controller looks like.
Brother: Yes it is.
Me: It has Microsoft written on it.
Brother: They must have taken over Nintendo.
Me: ...

Also, I was playing as Boba Fett on Hutt’s ship. In the part where you fight him, both Fetts had a slap fight. It was awesome.

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Updated 25th July 2008 at 05:39 PM by FabuVinny

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  1. The Outrage's Avatar

    I don't even know how one can mistake it for one. It would have been worse if it was a PS3.

    "Hey, where'd you get that big bulky black coloured Wii?"

    -On a side note, if I had the money, I'd also have a 360 along with a Wii ^_^
  2. Nekusagi's Avatar
    ...Your brother.

    Mistook a 360.

    For a Wii.


    Vinny, you're British, right? What is that they call stupid people in Britain? Prats?

    Well, your brother is definitely one, and you can tell him I said that.

    Oh, and Fetts bitchslapping each other is made of so much win. I need to find that game for my Cube.

    And happy birthday!
  3. ShinjiLover's Avatar
    XD Lolz! I'm so sorry about your brother's idiocy. =P My brother is the same way.
  4. Pokémad's Avatar
    Call his brother a plonker. One of the offensive English words.


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