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Rantings and Ramblings-my first blog

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This is my first blog, and I know this is a bit late since it was revealed the proposed movie title of "Giratina and the Sky Bouquet". But the title is not what concerns me, nor is the purpose of this blog.

The problem is who announced it. To the irk of many SOVA members, yes, Sarah Natochenny was the one who posted on her website "resume" about what the title could be. So, I went on her site, this "resume" and was quite interested in what she did, not just in Pokemon but in other works. [Heck, she ain't bad looking either :P].

Again, the problem is not the movie title, but the people who are so against this woman. That's what I want to talk about here.

So pretty much it has been PokemonTrainerLisa's post here that ticked me off. What does she have against Sarah?? There's nothing wrong with her site! Especially the first two sentences:

Unfortunately, hearing about this made me really upset. =[

Of course, if you've seen my signature by now, then you know why this news would be upsetting for me.
What the hell is that supposed to mean? Can someone tell me? Is there something hidden going on here that I don't know? All I see is that she stated what the future dubbed title might be. Is that a problem?

Honestly, I don't know. She is so preoccupied with this SOVA crap that it's really getting me annoyed. Does she have a real life? Is she even going to VOTE? Speaking of which, I mentioned something about the election a while ago, and she was totally lost! Wow. *shakes head* I did't know what to say after that. She even offered me to join SOVA, which I calmly declined. I had no place in these matters. I'm just SAVA (Support ALL Voice Actors), which is not even a real club. I don't care.

It's so hard to talk with her outside voice acting! I don't give a crap about hating on Sarah, and I'm tired of repeating my opinions on the VAs, and I'm also sick and tired of her repeating the same God damn thing over and over again. Give it a rest, woman!

What does she have against Sarah? So what if she didn't "update" Ash in her resume? Who really gives a damn? I bet she's really upset because Sarah announced it and not just anyone else.

Anyway, sorry if this turned into a rant and made me go apeshit, but just that post really got me pissed.

Well, seeing that it's fortunate enough that it's Election Day here in the U.S., I'll just end it here by saying to those of you reading this blog, and in the U.S., please remember to get out there and VOTE! And if you can, BaRack it, instead of Rocking it *winks*. Or you can do that too. XP


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  1. ShadowDeeps's Avatar
    I'm one of the folks here who's going to defend Lisa. I don't know about you but I wouldn't be very enthused if I read a blog posted for the sake of insulting me or another friend (as Lisa's my friend). Will and thought may not be separable, but perhaps such callous and caustic thoughts are best kept to oneself.

    Quite frankly all Lisa did was express her opinion and everyone is allowed to do that as long as they're not overstepping the set rulings of this forum. I don't see it as a lack of judgment at all (in contrast to conscious judgment, despite that one could contest otherwise in a "higher" school of thought). Everyone has their own opinion and you don't have to let any one person's preferences impact your own to that degree. She's not forcing it or SOVA down anyone's throat (SOVA being a cause I agree with, and that's the opinion I'm of), she's just expressly stating what she's stating. Being as cheerful and kind a person as she is I don't think she warrants any verbal insult (or an insult of any kind that may come into fruition).

    In earnest, despite that it's been banned from threads of discussions on this forum there's nothing wrong with being interested in voice acting. I tend to be very interested in it as well and I have plenty of criticisms to dish out when something goes to my chagrin in that regard (even if I do usually keep reserved). And heck, I don't care much for politics myself despite that I follow them. Taking that into factor, does that make me a "deplorable" person? Lisa isn't anything like a troll. She tends to be very respectful of others. But I guess this blog entry was just posted because of the need to fume. We all feel the need to fume, but sometimes it's best kept in moderation.

    Note that I'm not trying to tell you how to run your life or blog, I'm just saying that it's best to think before posting such things as you could well easily and incisively offend the object of your venting, even if that's your intention, be that so. And that can hurt pretty deeply.
    Updated 22nd November 2008 at 02:26 PM by ShadowDeeps
  2. JB88's Avatar
    Thanks Amazed, it's because of your other blog you sort of inspired me to say my own thoughts about it.

    I remember seeing a video of Veronica's Ash and Sarah Ash of who got the better emotion, and its the same. You seen this from the Ash Club of what happened before.
    Hmm, I do. And I too see minor differences here and there, but it's nothing to bawl over.

    But try the best to ignore them although thats hard, and nothing going to change anytime soon. If the kids are happy, then there no problem. Kinda wish we could enjoy it without the stupid same complaints which doesn't make a difference.
    Yeah, all you can do is ignore their posts about these things. Which leads me to Scott's constants post of slashing Johto left and right. But that's another story.

    ShadowDeeps, my blog was not intended to insult her, or bring her followers into here and start defending her. And unfortunately, you haven't seen it, but it does feel like she's "forcing SOVA down my throat". There was one instance in our PM conversations where she even got to the point of asking me to join, which I kindly declined. There was also a time where I "got her point", since I first ran into her, but with any other conversation I go with, she goes back to square one with that. It just gets annoying.

    You have also read this the wrong way. Those examples I've said in the blog was from our PM discussions, so you may not understand what actually went on. There was no inclination to insult her---it would be considered weak and stupid to do something like that here.
  3. Amazed4587's Avatar
    It feels good when you write it because you be able to get out some bottle things that you wish you could say and then you can't. And aww, glad that I inspired you.

    And @ ShadowDeeps, no one was insulting nobody. I know PokemonTrainerLisa and she very sweet person, and yeah she might be little top of this, but this how we feel, people who not into listening to voices and rant all the time.

    And JB88 right, SOVA do shoved down our throats that the voices suck and all, and you would think after so many times, obviosuly we naturaly be upset easily.
  4. JB88's Avatar
    That's exactly right, which I thought meh, why not write a blog about my side of the story instead of keeping it in my head for so long. I'm thinking of doing another one about another heated topic: Aura.
  5. Nando's Avatar
    This witch hunt needs to stop.

    The rule says quite plainly [b]no VA discussion[/b]. This blog contains and caused VA discussion, but it isn't being stopped because the damn rule is only being applied to one side.
  6. Kasumi's Avatar
    Wrong. This is a personal blog, VA discussion is not banned on personal journals, only the forums.
  7. Blackjack Gabbiani's Avatar
    So then, um...when I got an infraction for talking about it in my blog, that was in error then?
  8. Kasumi's Avatar
    You got an infraction for talking about Staff-only matters in your public blog.
  9. Nando's Avatar
    Not to mention I was using this blog as an (admittedly poor) example. The point stands that there's a misbalanced inconsistancy in how it's applied.
  10. Blackjack Gabbiani's Avatar
    You got an infraction for talking about Staff-only matters in your public blog.

    And without knowing that was an infractable offense even! Funny how that aspect was never once brought up.
  11. JB88's Avatar
    People, I don't want this to become a VA discussion. I am extremely against that. This was simply a matter of opinion. Technically this discussion is over, only newcomers to this blog can write their opinions here. But to those who cannot read this correctly, you need to read it again.

    Commander_Saturn, please explain your "misbalanced inconsistancy". I don't understand you.
  12. Nando's Avatar
    It's quite simple: Comments like "The actors were fine today, SOVA needs to STFU" can go on and on, but it's the moment a "Sarah wasn't very good" or "I think the character of the day could've been better" is dropped, it's OMG NO VA TALK EVER.
  13. Trainer'sInsomnia's Avatar
    Wtf, it's been 3 months. =[ You're telling me you haven't thought to write one of these about Scott and his limitless ranting (especially about Johto)?
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