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lol debates

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(I was initially going to post this in the "how to win a debate" thread, but it was kinda ranty so I figured I'd put it here, instead...)

That's the problem with "debates" online. They really aren't debates as much as they are watching two brick walls slam into each other, just waiting to see which one breaks first. Neither will change in anyway, or come to an compromise, they will just continue to slam into each other.

On top of that, what usually ends up happening is people start calling their "allies" in, and you get people who register on a board SOLELY to argue their side. You never see them post elsewhere, because chances are they don't even care about what thing the forum is for.

As much I hate to use it an example, there was a clip from Family Guy that summed this up perfectly. The guy debating the star of Footloose with the donkey. If you saw it, you know exactly what I mean.


I just don't see the point in it anymore. It just seems like a good way to make new enemies online instead of a way to share viewpoints.

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  1. Sublime's Avatar
    FUK U HITLER!!!111
  2. Mako's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ιиsσмиιαc
    FUK U HITLER!!!111
  3. Dan's Avatar
    Most debates are "two brick walls slamming into each other"

    the key is to Not be a brick wall.

    Srsly, I win every argument by not forcing my point but calling theirs into question.


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