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Neil Gaiman Writing Batman

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A final video was shown, when DiDio said "Before we finish, I wanna talk about 'Batman RIP.' That story comes to a conclusion in November. Following that, we're gonna go through a two part story looking at what Gotham has become, written by Denny O'Neil. My voice is hurting, we're just gonna roll a little video ..."

Neil Gaiman and Andy Kubert are on board for the series in January 2009, which got huge applause from the fans and closed the panel.

In the video was seen a coffin with a bat signal ascending from lower right to center screen, as a scroll at the top of the screen read "Whatever happened to the caped crusader." Then text came on the scree, "Neil Gaimnan. Andy Kubert. January 2009."
Was going to post this as a thread in the comics forum, but it sparked something, so here goes.

I first came across Neil Gaiman last year when he did an Eternals mini-series for Marvel Comics. Then, while searching for a novel to read, I decided to search for some of his stuff. Finding Good Omens (quirly looks at religion always grab me), I picked it up and...was amazed. So, I read American Gods. And then Stardust. Then...every other adult novel he wrote. Man's a genius. To see him writing BATMAN? That's interesting. To hear it's called "Whatever happened to the caped crusader?" I'm...eagerly awaiting this. Though not as much as a new novel from the man.

But I guess you can't rush genius.

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  1. Silverwynde's Avatar
    I've never read any of Gaiman's works, but I've heard great reviews of American Gods. I'd like to see his take on Batman. It sounds like an interesting read.


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