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College Orientation!

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So I just finished my first day of college orientation at IU.

It was sweet! Walked around and toured the campus. Saw the football stadium, the basketball complex, the halls, the dorms, etc.

I'm so pumped for college right now! The campus in Bloomington is so awesome and beautiful! I can't wait to be on my own and going to school.

School seems like it will actually be fun for me in college as opposed to high school, where it was all drama and stupid bull shit.

I met my professors and talked a little bit about what we'll be learning and I'm even pumped for that!

Tonight, we get to sleep in our dorms. My roommate is cool, I met her today too. She's totally a cool girl, not a dumb bimbo airhead type, which I had been dreading.


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  1. PokeViper's Avatar
    decided to view your profile for the first time, haha

    lucky you in collage now. Im going to a collage on the base here, so its not quite the same.

    I know what you mean though, I was so glad I was out of High School, no more of all that crap, in fact after I graduated there were some peeps I knew where it was just like "man, I cant stand being around you anymore"

    lucky with the roommate too.



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