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First Blog

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Hello peoples. This so my first blog! And instead of doing anything special with it, I'll share a picture with you.att000033334.gif

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  1. Oshawott2003's Avatar
    This is the pic, it didn't show up in the actual blog.

  2. CakeFairyForever's Avatar
    I dont think the link to your picture is working. Ill trust that it was awesome though. :)
  3. Uncle Edit's Avatar
    The image isn't showing up for me. Did you use the "Insert Image" button? Anyways, I hope you enjoy blogging on here.
  4. Life's Avatar
    Yo, welcome to the blogs! :~)
  5. Uncle Edit's Avatar
    Now I see the picture. It's pretty charming.
  6. Chibster's Avatar
    Happy first blog!
  7. Oshawott2003's Avatar
    Thanks everyone. I'll try to do something nice with these blogs, but it might happen.


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