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The Facts About Verlisify

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In case you haven't heard by now there's a ton of drama surrounding a youtuber by the name of Verlisify. With all this drama surrounding the man pretty much everyone has wanted to throw their two cents in, and I want to share mine. I wanted to share my opinions but i decided to do something better. I'm going to give you guys the facts about Verlisify

The History Of Verlisify
Verlisify started gaining fame about two weeks after generation six was released. While he was gaining subs he never did anything to suspicious in fact he really just released pokemon battles and sets. Bad sets but that's not really the point. This all changed for our man Verlis when he released a video claiming Smogon was not competitive or official. This video gained him a ton of new subs and attention. After this video something must of snapped in his brain as he's released a ton of videos attacking the pokemon community and smogon. The most notable being where he claimed he was shunned and attacked by the youtube pokemon community. He had claimed that JWittz, NateWantToBattle, Tamashii Hiroka, pokeaimMD, and Shofu had attacked and ostracized him for his opinions. This is a important thing to note as it foreshadows his entire youtube career up to today.

Verlisify Is Not Official Or Competitive
Now here's where things get interesting. Verlisify claims he's had seven years of VGC experience, but this along with many things that he says is a lie. Verlisify since the beginning of his youtube career has claimed many things. When he first showed up on the scene he claimed he had been playing for two years. Now you can see where this would confuse me as hes released many stories that go against what he says often in the same video. I dug a bit deeper into the world of VGC and found some damning evidence. First of all since his videos attacking the communtiy went viral hes claimed he has the right to do it as he has vast singles experience, but here's where the story gets fuzzy. Verlisify doesn't have a smogon account and most likely never has. He claims he plays the singles VGC format but that isn't a thing. VGC is a subsection or a sub format if you will of nintendo rules. VGC is only doubles and nothing else. He also claims he went undefeated at a tournament but this is also false as its been verified he indeed did not at that tournament. Verlisify has also been shown to not only be a fraud but a complete for lack of a better word noob by the VGC community. A nugget bridge admin and a three times national winner have called this guy out. Claiming he knows nothing about doubles and doesn't even play by VGC 14 rules.

Why Verliify Cries
So now that we've explored this man's twisted past lets ask ourselves why. Verlisify seems to want to be accepted by the pokemon community and be the next shofu right? Well here's the thing Verlisify doesn't like pokemon. In a live stream I attended he said that he really doesnt like pokemon and he would gladly jump to another franchise if it made him more money. He proceeded to talk for five minutes about wanting to be a minecraft celebrity and how minecraft was so much better. Now lets ask ourselves why a man who doesn't even like pokemon would be so adamant about it. The answer is views, since hes released all his drama hes gained thousands of subs and millions of views. This has gotten him the attention and money he wants. This has come at a cost though as hes angered the smogon, youtube, and VGC community. Hes recieved "death threats", angry emails, and "more hate" from other poketubers. Now let me tell you this the Verlisify you know is a hoax.

The Mind Of A Mad Man
Verlisify is in my opinion insane, or at least playing an insane character. He wants to be the victim in all this. The reason hes done these videos and started the "war" as he calls it is to make my community look bad. It worked to all us smogonites fell for it we flamed him back and in the process made ourselves look like fools. Through this hate Verlisify has twisted a generation of new pokemon players. (mid rant rant: If anyone is familiar with Being Human in season three the vampires make a hybrid vampire that is combined with werewolf blood. These creatures are more or less crazed killers. They have no knowledge, no self control and do as they please. You might be asking yourself why I told you this in a rant about Verlisify, but I'd tell you its because Verlis made his fans into these monsters. Verlisify fans are the worst pokemon fans in the community operating on a astounding level of ignorance, and playing comp pokemon using a mash up of casual and comp. battling techniques. His fans can't help that they've been lead astray, but they should be avoided at all costs as they will only scream and rant about the evils of smogon and their skills at the mythical singles VGC.) Now with his fans patrolling forums, chat boards, and comp sites Verlisify believes he has power and should be respected for his opinion on comp. battling. This isn't the case as he has no skill and no idea what hes doing. I'm going to give you a list of why Verlisify is a hoax

- No skill at smogon or VGC battling and has next to no understanding of pokemon
- Hes admitted himself to only caring about views, subs, and money.
- He has a superiority and victim complex evidenced by his videos.

Now the reason i made this rant is to open peoples eyes and maybe shed some light on the situation. We as a community need to band together and help the situation not respond with more hate and animosity. I love this community and I want to see us grow and raise a new generation of battlers, but Verlisify has tainted that and mad drama where it doesn't need to be. That's why I wanted to talk about him today. Thank you all for listening.

(I've never moderated comments before but i want to keep the flaming to a minimum. Please respect the opinions and facts of others. Remember rather you play Smogon, VGC, or are a Casual we're all pokebros.)

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  1. Kane Dunestorm's Avatar
    I do agree with his hatred toward Smogon, however I'm pretty sure his motivation is different than mine and he's going about it in a really insanely stupid way that could very well make normal dissenters like me look bad as well.
  2. Silverwynde's Avatar
    I know that this is an old post, but one of his vids just landed on the front page of Pokememes. He's getting slammed over there, with most saying that we already knew about these "life hacks". I've even said I wouldn't use them, as I use Daycare for breeding and not leveling up.
  3. that1chick's Avatar
    Eh some of his sets are pretty interesting. I'm actually getting more into competitive battling after watching some of his videos, though I have to admit that I wasn't overly impressed by some of the videos of him battling. I personally do not follow Smogon and I probably never will -- I'm not a very serious battler and I don't have the time or energy to keep up with them.


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